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  1. UN Says New Currency Is Needed to Fix Broken ‘Confidence Game’
    By Jonathan Tirone

    Sept. 7 (Bloomberg) -- The dollar’s role in international trade should be reduced by establishing a new currency to protect emerging markets from the “confidence game” of financial speculation, the United Nations said.

    UN countries should agree on the creation of a global reserve bank to issue the currency and to monitor the national exchange rates of its members, the Geneva-based UN Conference on Trade and Development said today in a report.

    China, India, Brazil and Russia this year called for a replacement to the dollar as the main reserve currency after the financial crisis sparked by the collapse of the U.S. mortgage market led to the worst global recession since World War II. China, the world’s largest holder of dollar reserves, said a supranational currency such as the International Monetary Fund’s special drawing rights, or SDRs, may add stability.

    “There’s a much better chance of achieving a stable pattern of exchange rates in a multilaterally-agreed framework for exchange-rate management,” Heiner Flassbeck, co-author of the report and a UNCTAD director, said in an interview from Geneva. “An initiative equivalent to Bretton Woods or the European Monetary System is needed.”

    The 1944 Bretton Woods agreement created the modern global economic system and institutions including the IMF and World Bank.

    Enhanced SDRs

    While it would be desirable to strengthen SDRs, a unit of account based on a basket of currencies, it wouldn’t be enough to aid emerging markets most in need of liquidity, said Flassbeck, a former German deputy finance minister who worked in 1997-1998 with then U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers to contain the Asian financial crisis.

    Emerging-market countries are underrepresented at the IMF, hindering the effectiveness of enhanced SDR allocations, the UN said. An organization should be created to manage real exchange rates between countries measured by purchasing power and adjusted to inflation differentials and development levels, it said.

    “The most important lesson of the global crisis is that financial markets don’t get prices right,” Flassbeck said. “Governments are being tempted by the resulting confidence game catering to financial-market participants who have shown they’re inept at assessing risk.”

    The 45-year-old UN group, run by former World Trade Organization chief Supachai Panitchpakdi, “promotes integration of developing countries in the world economy,” according to its Web site. Emerging-market nations should consider restricting capital mobility until a new system is in place, the group said.

    The world body began issuing warnings in 2006 about financial imbalances leading to a global recession.

    The UN Trade and Development report is being held for release via print media until 6 p.m. London time.
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    All true.

    Sadly, "Elite" traders deny there's a push for World Government. Or even a World Currency.

    In their sheltered mind, the North American Union 'doesn't exist'.

    We are dealing with TV-heads. People who rely on the likes of Jim Cramer, Brit Hume and the CNBC Money Hunnies to keep them abreast of World Affairs.

    Very dangerous.
  3. Youth are the big target. Governments have a goal for recruiting the youth into Green armies to spy on parents as they are the most susceptible targets for propaganda.

    This from the Manifesto

    ART. 5

    We are determined to raise awareness of this project among as many people as possible in all Continents. We are focused particularly on the active involvement of young people, especially from schools. Indeed, young people represent the strongest, most concrete vehicle for spreading this initiative. They are also the potential future beneficiaries of this large step forward towards unification and the creation of a world that responds better to the requirements of the new Millennium, as it gradually breaks down social and ideological barriers.
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    Yep. Just like Hitler, Mao, and Stalin.

    All concentrated on indoctrinating youth who's values and beliefs were open and malleable to State Propaganda.

    That's why Fascist Countries implement Public Education.

    The adult psyche is difficult to remold, once set.

    So they focus on kids who are Blank Slates. This is Social Engineering (yes, it really does exist).

    For the Liberals who defend public education in the vein of equality. Fine.


    The State gives education vouchers to families. And all schools are private, and accept those vouchers.

    Why wasn't that done?

    Because the STATE wants control over content and curriculum.

    Its all propaganda. Notice how they don't teach REAL American History anymore?? Just how the Founders were "Bad" because they killed Indians? Notice how the Constitution, its antecedents and philosophy has been erased from the classroom and textbooks??? And that schools bombard children daily with hours of UN-sponsored bullcrap like Global Warming? A "Dying" Earth? Guns are evil? And how we're all "Global Citizens"....

    Oh yes. Its already here. The Globalists got control of the DOE a long time ago. Time for Eliters to wake tfu.
  5. You need to consider taking Xanax...
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    You might try getting off it.
  7. Moved to the tin foil hat forum.

  8. you betcha'

    you don't need a tin foil hat to see globalism is coming.
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    Hey! I resemble that remark! >: (
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