Military Tests Causing Sonic Booms Everywhere?

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    A sonic boom of some sort caused windows and walls to shake over several counties in North Central Florida Thursday night.

    Marion County sheriff's Capt. James Pogue said the communications center was "flooded with calls" about the noise.

    Alachua County sheriff's officials got the explanation that it was "military maneuvering of some kind."

    Social media was abuzz this weekend following what is begin described as a “loud boom” that was heard all over Southern Illinois Saturday.

    The source of the noise is unknown and, according to some, has been recurring for the past several weeks.

    Loud and mysterious booms are being heard and felt around the region. For more than a month, the noise has been compared to a sonic boom, tannerite, shotgun, dynamite or cannon. The theories surrounding the source of the “loud bangs” range from fracking to supersonic jets, meteors and even the end-times. However, an official explanation has not been given, leaving residents baffled. Wanting answers, many have turned to their local media.

    “The first time I heard it, I waited to hear sirens. I dismissed it assuming I would find out what happened later on the news,” said Lori Wharton Libby. An accident was not to blame for the noise that day nor was anything on the news regarding what she heard.

    Libby, who is a secretary for Cornerstone Community Church, started a thread on the WSIL News 3 Facebook wall asking for answers. Her inquiry resulted in more than 200 comments from people who have also heard and felt the noise.

    Many have experienced it frequently over the past several weeks.

    “We tried to put the facts together,” said Libby. “We knew it wasn’t a gun or cannon. The noise is loud enough to scare our dog under the bed. People from as far east as Harrisburg and north of Mt. Vernon have heard and felt the same noise that I described.”

    The West Frankfort Police Department said that they have not received any complaints regarding the issue.

    Further investigation finds these unidentified noises are taking place all over the country. Around the beginning of January people from Utah, Massachusetts, Alaska, Tennessee, Indiana and Florida have been contacting their local authorities and news media outlets regarding unexplained loud booms.

    One website, has links to several news and police reports around the country wherein noises and vibrations identical to those being heard and felt in our area have been reported. Still an official explanation has not been given.

    “At this point, nobody seems to know,” said University of Evansville physicist, Jeffrey Braun, PH.D. “The geologists say it’s not in the ground. The Air Force says it’s not in the air. The astronomers say it’s not from space. So we are running out of options.”

    According to the same website, Southern Illinois and others in the tri-state area began reporting these loud noises as early as January 9.

    The Daily American will continue to follow any leads or explanations into these mysterious and loud noises.

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