Military says "Fuck parents!"

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    The biggest obstacle for U.S. military recruiters is not finding young Americans willing to enlist in wartime, it's dealing with their parents, according to the Pentagon.
    That reality, which has emerged over the past year through polling data and recruiters' experiences throughout the United States, has led some parts of the U.S. military to seek new ways to either convince parents or simply bypass them.

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    When they turn 18, they make their own decisions. At that point, parents can only offer a point of view.
  3. That point of view seems to be getting in the way.

    Supporting family values huh?
  4. You don't trust an 18 year old's judgement to joint the military but you trust an 11 year old to make the decision to get an abortion without telling her parents?????


  5. Me? I'm not sure what you're saying with this.

    My point is that the military is trying to drive wedges in family's, to circumvent family cohesion.
    Young people discussing life and death issues with their parents, to come to the best possible plan of action, is a good thing seems to me.

    Another point is that military is adopting unsavory tactics to coerce young people into joining. A clear conflict of ethics.
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    have you noticed the change in the recruiting commercials the last 6 mos. Its orwellian - I find it troubling.

    It used to be join us we will ll make a man out of you. Then it was a video game - now its geared to telling the parents to stay out of the decision.
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    They very much need to bring the draft back if we are going to win the wars we are involved in, but we do not have leaders with the courage of an FDR anymore. (for the record he instituted the first peace time draft right before an election despite everyone warning him not to, imagine a pol taking that kind of stand now!)
  8. 11 year old mothers is something you are supportive of?

    Wait, scratch that...I forgot for a moment where you come from...

    If 11 year old girls are having consensual unprotected sex without their parents approval first then let the 11 year old have an abortion without the parents approval...

  9. I certainly don't back or approve of the current military actions our nation is involved with at this time, or the misrepresentations that got us involved, but, if we are to travel down this road, then a draft would at least be a more ethical rout to take.
  10. 1863 : Congress passes Civil War conscription act

    During the Civil War, the U.S. Congress passes a conscription act that produces the first wartime draft of U.S. citizens in American history. The act called for registration of all males between the ages of 20 and 45, including aliens with the intention of becoming citizens, by April 1. Exemptions from the draft could be bought for $300 or by finding a substitute draftee. This clause led to bloody draft riots in New York City, where protesters were outraged that exemptions were effectively granted only to the wealthiest U.S. citizens.

    Although the Civil War saw the first compulsory conscription of U.S. citizens for wartime service, a 1792 act by Congress required that all able-bodied male citizens purchase a gun and join their local state militia. There was no penalty for noncompliance with this act. Congress also passed a conscription act during the War of 1812, but the war ended before it was enacted. During the Civil War, the government of the Confederate States of America also enacted a compulsory military draft. The U.S. enacted a military draft again during World War I, in 1940 to make the U.S. ready for its involvement in World War II, and during the Korean War. The last U.S. military draft occurred during the Vietnam War.

    The Constitution does not directly mention the word "draft" or even the older "conscription"

    Actually, wouldn't offering amnesty to illegals for serving in the military for 8 years or more be another source of potential soldiers, so that young American boys would not have to go and die in needless wars?

    I would think a plan like this would potentially solve lots of problems...draft the illegals and have them fight our wars for us...

    Businesses in the U.S. outsource worldwide, and we don't need to go very far to find the illegals...

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