Military on ET, SOUND OFF

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  1. Army, 91C.
  2. Yannis


    Wow! That's real scary, terrible, watch out!!

    (What does it mean?)
  3. Just curious as to how many of these blowhards on ET actually DID anything for their country.

    I see that not many here have.

    I have noticed that the amount of talk is inversely proportional to the amount of deeds

  4. I played pool at a VFW post, and darts too.
  5. maxpi


    I've always paid my traffic tickets, nearly... and sometimes if I see some litter I'll pick it up and put it in the trash... and I've intervened several times when somebody was armed and going to do something heinous, that might be similar to combat really... more like combat psychology I suppose..... that's fuuny, I've done that numerous times, one was an assault with a rock, one was an armed robbery, the guy had a .45 and I talked him out of it, one was just some weird looking guys with guns in a McDonald's, another was a friend that was going to kill a teacher that gave him a low grade... where he came from that's what they did, not USA born and bred........

    Honestly, my hat is off to military people, I was National Guard at one point and came to respect the training DI's at Fort Ord because they gave me little choice in the matter I suppose but nonetheless..... they loved the Army and the US of A and weren't afraid to let people know it.
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    It means that he was a highly trained medic.
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    Oh great - a chest-pounding thread!

    I was the head of my scout troop and was on TV in our Indian dance. Wore a headdress and everything... :D
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    Worked for a major defense contractor for the Navy for years. Equivalent rank: Commander.
  9. Captain, Salvation Army.
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    Now that's impressive! [​IMG]

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