Military coup could remove all Republicans from this country

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  1. LOL.
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  4. No, no, no - we DO need a 3rd and a 4th party. In view of the fact that the Republican Party has abandoned most every tenant of Conservatism, I would suggest that REAL conservatives do the following (depending on your inclination):

    1. If you support tax cuts and forcing women to have children they don't want/can't afford but oppose environmental rules, labor laws, consumer laws and gun regulations you should vote for the Constitution Party. See them here:

    2. If you supports tax cuts but support the freedom for women to choose their own medical care but oppose environmental rules, labor laws, consumer laws, gun regulations you should vote Libertarian Party. See them here:

    Whatever you do: don't SELL OUT your PRINCIPLES and vote for a Republican candidate !!!
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  5. Well at this time I think a third party would split the Rep vote and re-elect O again. The best chance is to totally reform the Rep party and put in new libertarian/Constitution affirming candidates. Those that have 'compromised' by going along with such travesties as 'man made global warming', amnesty for illegal aliens, etc - - - arent the right people. So guys like Bush, McCain, and Newt ain't it IMO. Many may disagree, and I like her - but I don't think Palin is it either. When it comes down to it she was the mayor of a small Alaska town, and only served part of her term as governor up there. We need people who have more experience than that, - or a first term senator(also not finishing his term) whose only experience before that was as a 'community organizer'/ACORN lawyer, professor, and state senator. Come on - we can do much better than that. Regards, - - -
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