Military and police Catching on to whats going on holding rally in DC on 19th of apri

Discussion in 'Politics' started by NKNY, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. NKNY


    Militery and polilice are going to rally in DC on April 19th...

    I'm sure it all in their head right...?

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  2. Only 6 posts today?
    What's wrong . . . did you have to study for a mid-term?

    Maybe you can catch-up tonight.
    I hear Baron's throwing in a Breakfast Mac if you double your average daily post count!
  3. Lucrum


    Says the prick who has 24 posts so far today.
  4. This guy is your leader? Get him something to gargle with.

    The mutants are getting restless. Will they be passing out powdered wigs at this rally so they can play pretend patriot?
  5. reg


  6. Ooooooooooooohhh.
    Looks like someone is JEALOUS.

    And once again you are WRONG.
    I have 33 posts today!


    Like I give a flying puck about what you sub-human pieces of trash think. But it's soooo nice to know that you would actually spend your time COUNTING ALL THE WAY TO 24!!!

    You're the best . . . man.
    Actually, the best little "beeatch" that I could ever have! :D :D :D

  7. Lucrum


    Wow you posted NINE more times since then. According to YOU that means YOU have no life.

    And I believe it's biatch , not "beeatch". Since you get your rocks off pointing out spelling errors I thought I should mention it.


    A substitute for bitch
  8. I'm trying to get to 6,000 tonight so I can get a coupon from Baron for a Breakfast Mac, just like "AAAintheBeltway" and all of his prop poster friends on ET like "Gnome" and "S2007S" and "NeoRio".

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    One coupon per screen-name.
    That's the Deal.
  9. You mean like the way the OP spelled the word military and police???

    So many ignorant "neo-cons" on ET.
  10. Lucrum


    So when anyone else misspells a word they're an "ignorant "neo-con".

    But what does that make you when you misspell, as you just did above?

    Ignorant, two faced, hypocritical, bleeding heart, dumb fuck, shit for brains liberal, Obama cock sucking ___________??

    Please fill in the blank for us, won't you? Inquiring minds want to know.

    It'll help you reach that magic 6000 number you so desperately desire.
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