Militarization of Police in America: Trained by Mossad

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    Mossad agents have been training our cops for 2 years now
    some even had paid trips to Israel for training.

    But this isn't a game of "can you catch a terrorist"
    This is can you keep ordinary people in control.

    Roland: Let me just say that the Constitution is being shredded right before our eyes. What we’re seeing here is a militarization of the police force.

    You do not realize but a lot of these police forces across the country have been trained by Mossad. They’re using the same techniques that Israel uses with the West Bank people and the Gaza people right here in the United States.
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    And if you think all this is bunch of hoopla for nothing

    I refer you to this

    Police Can Now Arrest for Minor Offenses

    A lower court had ruled that Gail Atwater could not sue over her arrest because the officer did not violate her constitutional rights.

    Atwater was driving her two children home from soccer practice in 1997 in Lago Vista, Texas, when she was stopped by a police officer who had noticed the three were not wearing seat belts.

    Handcuffs, Mug Shots, Just an Inconvenience?
  3. Hahahahahahahaha! All I can say is welcome to the West Bank. I can't wait for the day when your pregnant women deliver at a check point somewhere in heartland America. I can't wait when your sons get held back at a check point for 8 hours along with thousands of other students. I cannot wait for the day when a child watches his father get slapped across the face by a laughing 18 years old soldier who wanted to brag in front of his fellow soldiers. Above all, I cannot wait for the day when you watch your frail father die in front of your eyes while the ambulance is 5 meters away on the opposite side of the check point.

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    It really should be possible to rate a thread with negative stars.
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    1. Watching your dad die is tough no matter where its happens.
    We are fortunate that in the past Amercians had the backbone and the moral fiber to never let this happen here... we had guns and an anti govt pro freedom attitude. Hopefully we still have the guts to fight for our liberty... but I am worried about the left. They seem to just want to big govt drones.
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    Nahhh, probably wont happen to us, because unlike you girls in palestine we wouldnt just surrender and allow someone to steal our land, and then start blowing up civilians as retribution..... By chance are Palestinians related to the French at all?

    How do i say "I give up" in arabic? It could be useful knowledge if i ever visit Israel and someone mistakes me for a palestinian.

  7. Out of curiosity, how did you know about my father?
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    How much do you want to bet the OP is another Cold/ckid moniker?
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    I was thinking jake jones
  10. You know...for all the bad things you say about Israel and the things they do to the "poor palestinians", you sound like you are as sadistic as you believe they are with these comments of yours.
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