Milennium Arb. for Swifttraders

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by sbn, Dec 30, 2005.

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    This thread I have created is for Milennium Arbitrage. It is directed primarily at Swifttraders, but all is welcome. Any tips, tricks, or little hints will be useful. It is an open discussion on the topic. I am not asking for anyone to give up there method. Just little hints and tips. And maybe general ideas.

    You can private message. I am looking for hints and tips, so I may figure it out on my own.

    Again I am not asking anyone give up there methods, just little tips. In fact I rather you private message me.
  2. Which Swift locations are doing arb? I'd love to trade their if they had a decent setup and a few good people around. Last time I stopped in on the Cambridge location there was only two people in a big industrial room.
  3. Hey bud, when was it you were in the office? It's now closed, but I was probably one of the guys in there. There are a couple of branches doing the Miln arb, but I'm sure the original poster was thinking of one branch in particular :cool:
  4. I heard Hamilton guys made a program to easily make money of the millenium arb. please post how. thanks
  5. tips , hints, tricks?????

    you must be joking!! why on earth would i want give you any info on making money using millenium. fool!!!
  6. Millennium arb. :p

    Awesome thread, however. So much useful information.