Mila Kunis has something to tell all you middle america republicans

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    ‘Friends with Benefits’ star loves Obama, says Middle America Republicans ‘incredibly ill-informed’

    “Entourage” heartthrob Adrian Grenier and “Great Gatsby” actor Robert Redford may be fed up with President Barack Obama, but “Friends with Benefits” star Mila Kunis loves Barry no matter what.

    In an interview with UK Stylist, Kunis spoke highly of our country’s leader, whose approval ratings continue to tank.

    “I love Barack Obama, I voted for him and I will forever be proud of my vote,” the 28-year-old Ukrainian told the publication.

    On the president’s handling of the debt crisis, Kunis said, “I know that [Obama] tried. I know because you keep reading these reports of him trying to compromise with the Tea Party and the Republican Party and trying to come to a 50/50 agreement. I don’t think it was one.”

    Kunis went on to argue that the Dems made compromises, unlike the GOP.

    “I feel the Democratic Party compromised everything and the Republican Party compromised pretty much nothing,” Kunis added.

    The “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” actress disparaged youth for not reading books, newspapers, or the news in general.

    “So obviously you are incredibly ill-informed to the point where they will go do these tests in Middle America… And they’ll ask, ‘OK, what party are you?’ And they’ll say, ‘Republican.’ ‘Why?’ And they can’t even tell you,” Kunis said. “They have no idea what the Republican Party stands for.”

    Kunis, on the other hand, can explain why she supported Obama.

    “Why did I vote for Obama? I can tell you why I voted for him, what I agreed and disagreed with him on, for hours,” Kunis said.

    The “Black Swan” actress could use her celebrity to spread the Obama love, but that doesn’t mean the president is popular among the majority of voters. According to Resurgent’s latest poll, just 7 percent of independent voters view Obama as a much stronger leader than they anticipated, while 36 percent rated him as much weaker. According to a recent Quinnipiac poll, only 42 percent of registered voters approve of the way Obama is doing his job, while 52 percent disapprove.
  2. Thats great Mila, you're political prowess is fantastic. Now take your clothes off. :cool:
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    I was thinking "STFU you stupid bitch then take your clothes off".
  4. LOL. Good one!
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    Man walks up to you on the street and threatens to take your money and but then offers to give you half of it back.

    Is that the type of 50/50 compromises you were talking about?
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    I was wondering if she could shape her lips into an "O" but keep her tongue moving. She was so hot on "That 70's Show".
  7. Actors and actresses are good at 2 things:

    1 - Pretending to be something they're not while on camera
    2 - Being sexy

    Their political opinions should reflect this.
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    I'm thinking she probably could.

  9. And she is Jewish. :p
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