Mikrotik Router

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  1. Decent choice. I know you know how to set up a router without a nice UI - it is.... not trivial if you do not know your way around firewalls, ip's etc.
  2. I believe that Mikrotik has a decent support "Wiki" on their website.
    But if I have any install issues, I'll hit you up!

  3. I'm very interested in your results & feedback. Please share as much as possible. This may turn into my standard upgrade recommendation.
  4. I saw this title and thought it was the german chick
  5. The Unit should arrive by Tuesday at the latest.
    I hear that you can use SSH to reach the CLI, or Winbox ( a free download ) that provides a GUI and what some believe is even better than a GUI. :cool:
  6. Scroll all the way down the spec page to find the THROUGHPUT results. The 64 byte frames shows the pure CPU power of the RB2011:

  7. Eight


    Will it whitelist?
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