Mike's list

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by michaelscott, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Here is my focus list for today.

    Hershey HSY- Nice retracement from the cup and bouncing off the 50 day MA. 8 dollars upside.

    Zolt- Bouncing off the lower Bollinger Band. 8 dollars upside

    FTEK- Bottoming out from yearly pullback. 20 dollars upside.

    DIVX- Forming reverse head and shoulders. Wait for downturn from current level and long at pivot point. potential pivot point could be mid-Bollinger, 50 day MA or lower Bollinger. Next earnings call might be volatility event that makes stock selloff. 27 dollars will be price point at some time in the next 3-4 months.

    PTR- Stock is still in the middle of a correction. It retraced exactly 2/3 from 140 to 106. Technical analysis shows target price at 159. 37% up in 3-6 months. PTR should be the safest bet. International big cap high dividend oil producer. 200billion market cap that moves like a small cap.

    This would be a great portfolio actually that will give at least a 30% return in 3-6 months time. Not exciting but you rest at night easier. FTEK has the most potential, but PTR and HSY will act as great hedges. FTEK, ZOLT and DIVX obviously very speculative small cap plays.

    I would rest at night very easy with the above portfolio even with a good bit of margin factored in.