Mike Vick Reinstated--Where Does He End Up?

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  1. The NFL announced that Vick's suspension has been lifted. He can play in the last two preseason games, but is still conditionally suspended for the first six regular season games. Apparently, that might be lifted by the start of the season as well.

    Opinion is all over the place as to whether or not he will be ready to play, which teams would be interested, what kind of deal he can get and how fans would react.

    I see the following teams being interested: Vikes, Redskins, TB, Broncos, SF, with the Bills, Cleveland, Seahawks and perhaps Jags in the maybe interested category. Some people are predicting he gets only a one year vet minimum deal. I think this is crazy. We are talking about a three-time Pro Bowl player. Who would you rather have, Vick or Matt Stafford? I think he gets a fairly big but not star QB deal. Maybe an $8 or 9 mill bonus with a four or five year deal. Who knows though, if bidding gets crazy. The timing could have been better for him, as teams have already spent on big contract free agents.

    Some cities might not want to risk the fan backlash. I don't think it would be any issue at all in Washington.
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  3. CFL? Nah, they wouldn't want him. How about arena football?

    Fortunately for him, somebody in the NFL is going to give him another shot. It will be hard to come back from a two-year absences and suddenly reach the potential people thought he had in 2001, but I'm trying to stay positive here. Maybe he can run for a 1000 yards and have a QB rating above 70. That should be enough for a struggling team to win 6 or 7 games, but I have no idea who would want him. Dolphins? Maybe have him split time with Chad and run a variation of the Wildcat formation, where the QB and the RB are both a legitimate threat to take the snap.
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    Vick will fit in perfectly with any team set up for the euro coast offense.

    Run well
    Kick well
    Can't throw well or deliver a knockout punch.
  5. He'll mess up and will be back in jail in no time.

    I really hope no team in any league picks him up.
  6. I could care less about football, but clearly, the barrier to entry is quite low.

    250 lbs of shit piled 6 feet high seems to be the minimum standard.
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    The bengals are champions of the prison league, probably there.
  8. I hope you keep the NFL commentary going this year, as last year was a blast. My opinion, Vick wont go to the Vikes, minnesota will not accept him as a community. Or the redskins, FLAT OUT, washington doesnt have money to spend. I would say Broncos or San francisco is a given, Denver NEEDS to make a move so i would almost guarantee Vick going there as it would save Josh McDaniels Job, if vick works out. My guess is Denver at this point, Josh mcdaniels has to be willing to gamble, especially with the imminent loss of Brandon Marshall. Browns is a definate NO, Quinn will start this season.

    Anyways keep the commentary going this NFL season i promise i will participate, last year was fun and you definately have a worthwhile opinion when it comes to football.

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  9. Byron Leftwich is a gamer, i guarantee he will end up starting in Tampa, at some point, he will take over the roll, every tmie last season he had to step in for big Ben, he was WAY BETTER, and im not just defending him cause im a steeler fan, Leftwich has an unreal arm out of the pocket. Jacksonkville screwed up, and Steelers could not afford him anymore. (though they wish they signed him now) Leftwich is the most underrated QB in football.

    My choice to win this year, Vikings if they get Favre, or else while i hate to admit it, (as im a steeltown guy) Baltimore. This stupid rape case on Roethlesberger blew the season even though it appears false.
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    An extraordinarily rare event, but I agree with these guys.
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