Mike Tyson: I had more money when Bush and Reagan were president

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  1. Mike Tyson: 'I Have the More Money When Bush and Reagan was President'
    "I'm going to work on that too with this Obama administration. Just seeking this Obamacare helps us keep money."
    8:50 AM, APR 29, 2013

    "I look forward to paying off my taxes and paying off my country, because that's my duty," said Tyson, who owes back taxes to the IRS. "I know that they say that's legal extortion, but, listen, I'm living in this country, and if I've got to pay taxes, that's the money I paid for my life on earth. My wife, my family, I got one of the biggest liberal families in the world, but I have the more money when Bush and Reagan was president. I shouldn't have said that -- my wife is gonna kill me for that one. But yeah--"

    "Because Bush and Reagan had this idea that you should keep your money," said the Fox host.

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  3. Overall, taxes have grown from a "pittance" of income/wealth to what we have today.

    Anybody think that they're going to level-out NOW, just because they are encroaching into the OPPRESSIVE level??

    I'm buying more guns*!!

    * Not to the point of friend David in Florida... who has both an assault rifle and a hand gun in EACH AND EVERY ROOM OF HIS HOUSE (then again, I'm not a former Marine Company Commander, who served and was wounded in Iraq).... but still won't be the softest target on the block, if you know what I mean.

    OOH-RAH! (Is an Air Force guy allowed to say that??)

  4. Unfortunately, it appears to be headed that direction. I fully expect Americans to be "Cyprused" once Bernanke is out.
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    Is it because Tyson was working in those years?
  6. You should send tyson an e mail. I bet he never thought of that.