Mike Parnos vs Kevin Kerr vs Bryan Bottarelli

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  1. anyone with any experience with the following advisors ?

    Mike Parnos - Couchpotatotrader

    Kevin Kerr - Resource Trader Alert

    Bryan Bottarelli - Wavestrength Trader

    i did so much googling and yahooing about them that my eyeballs almost fell out and seems they're quite well-known and respected with very good track records.
  2. Well, I just received some spam to try out couch potato in the standard snake oil salesman format. I didn't notice it was Mike Parnos who I've recently discovered is renaming options strategies and calling them his own (and writing articles about them). Anyway, CP is nothing but iron condors (and this strategy is only known to 1% of option traders, according to the advertisement, <cough>). I noticed the advertisement shows this years results up until August. Wonder how things went for him in Sept, Oct and Nov. If he didn't lose money over that time frame, I'd say go ahead and sign up. He's obviously better than anyone else around here trading ICs.

    Strike selection for ICs is probably something you can figure out for yourself based on your own risk tolerance and ability to monitor the position, but if you want to pay to have someone do it for you, that's probably fine.

    FOTM ICs and credit spreads are a dangerous game. Well respected or not, watch yourself. These are horrible risk/reward plays, nor do they require little attention (as the name cough potato implies). They're out there for your dollar, remember that always.

    Just my two cents. Be careful.

  3. thanks a lot for your reply. since i'm from southeast asia and i'm working , there's really no way i can monitor the trading unless i don't have to sleep or rest.

    i was recommended mike parnos by a full-time from another forum that's been trading for 8 years and have been subscribing to couchpotatotrader for the last few years.

    i received the results for the past 1 year up to november 2006 and the results are good enough for me.

    like i said, being on the other side of the planet restricts my choices. thanks again and i hope other people can offer their views and maybe other services they've tried. :)
  4. Grant



    “They're out there for your dollar”.

    How many BS books (“Overnight Millions for the Intellectually Retarded”) will the novice have to wade through before fundamental truths are revealed? Your remark is simple, incisive and brilliant.

    I’d put this is the “Favourite Quotes” section if I didn’t find the idea somewhat pointless. If I may, I would like to add to yours an accompaniment: “If the ducks quack, feed ‘em”.

  5. mokwit


    How I made a million dollars working part time from home with no boss, no risk and no upfront capital.

    This is the genre, but the method varies from mail order to trading and now real estate it seems.
  6. Grant



    Make a Million Overnight with Drink, Drugs, Prostitutes and Moving Averages.

    This could run.

  7. HA! I love where this is going!

    Our technique, only known to 1% of the traders out there, will time your personal snoring patterns with the elliot waves of the market so that you can literally make money while you sleep!

  8. I wish you luck.

  9. Grant



    So do I.

    However, in the meantime and out of courtesy to Findcount.


    You'll have to pay to find out if they are any good for you personally. But you don't need to.

    Bad advice and ill-informed opinion is plentiful and free on numerous forums. But so is good advice based on sound understanding and experience. There is also masses of information and free or cheap software you can download.

    It is tedious and time-consuming sorting the good from the bad but you'll be learning at the same time. You get out what you put in.

    Despite all the hype, fame and fortune it is not an overnight process.

    Don't waste your money on advisers. Invest it wisely (in drink, drugs and prostitues, for example) and you'll have a larger trading account.

  10. These words of advice are OTM. I was on a free trial with one of these over night millionaire makers during the 20% gap up in RIMM. On their website this was a stock to watch the night before the gap up. They had no buy or entry point, but just a stock to watch. 2 months later in their ad they were claiming that if you followed their advice you would have turned 10,000 into 50,000 over night with RIMM.
    I watch a lot of things, but I have never made a dime in watching.
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