Mike Moritz and the declining America worker

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    I'd like to see a logical argument supporting this opinion. Actually, a logical argument supporting this opinion of yours would astound me.
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    May I suggest instead starting each day with 45 minutes of Yoga. Everyone will go through the day with renewed mental and physical energy, and feeling as though they have a spring in every joint.
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    The object of automation should be to free us from the drudgery of mind numbing, physically disabling, repetitive tasks, so we can devote our time to pursuits uniquely suited to humans. We should be celebrating automation; not fearing it. A machine that can pluck, gut, clean, butcher, inspect and pack chickens at 10 deg. centigrade, 24 hours a day would be one of mankind's greatest achievements.
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    You shouldn't use housing price as a proxy, because if you do, you are arguing that China (Beijing, Shanghai...), HK, Singapore are way way ahead of the US.
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    The whoppiny $30m for a 3 year contract is Bloomberg's figures. Probably only for top people though, in AI.
    Yes it is that important. Invest or die. Perhaps we will see AI pistol packing cowboys on the range lol
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    are you in a state of denial?
    the people of venezuela chose equality and now they are starving.
    (my original remark:
    instead of focusing on productivity, the US and particularly the Left is focusing on equality, diversity in the workforce and harassment of women in the the work place. equality at the extreme for the masses lads to starvation as in current day Venezuela.)
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    I'd live to see that article. There is no way anyone is getting $10M/year USD cash compensation as a developer in China, AI expert or not. It very well could be that a couple people got stock options and they ended up being worth $30M after 3 years, or are "worth" $30M based on their last funding round, or they hope they'll be worth $30M after 3 years. That's a very different thing, heck if we're going on hope for options value I pay all my employees $10M/year too!
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    Fair point!
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    Two thoughts cross my mind here. 1) What do you mean by equality? equality of what?, and 2) I'm still waiting for a logical argument why equality should be highly correlated with poverty, as all I can think of are exceptions.
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