Mike Moritz and the declining America worker

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    Mike Moritz and the declining America worker
    Danny Crichton
    TechCrunchJanuary 20, 2018
    Storied Sequoia investor Mike Moritz threw fire into the tech Twitter gumbo with his observations of hard-working Chinese workers and slothful Silicon Valley engineers.

    The major money quote about Silicon Valley is this: “In recent months, there have been complaints about the political sensibilities of speakers invited to address a corporate audience; debates over the appropriate length of paternity leave or work-life balances; and grumbling about the need for a space for musical jam sessions. These seem like the concerns of a society that is becoming unhinged.”

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  2. Silicon valley is approaching spengler's decadence.
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    There is a noticeable drift of talent from Silicon Valley to...........China.
    Better deals being offered etc.
    For instance an average of $30m for a skilled engineer for a 3 year contract.
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    instead of focusing on productivity, the US and particularly the Left is focusing on equality, diversity in the workforce and harassment of women in the the work place. equality at the extreme for the masses lads to starvation as in current day Venezuela.
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  5. So much for man as a rational being! Subjectivity asserting itself violently as objectivity, its a 21st century religion. Makes a man yearn for the certainty of number$.
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    I remember another obituary about America, its companies and its workers back in the late 1980s. Then it was Japan, its companies and the Japanese workers.:finger:
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    Thanks for bringing that up, I remember it as well, they even made movies about it!
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    Is that 30 million USD or Yuan? I'm going to have to call pure bullshit on USD, and you're going to have to be a very exceptional case to be getting over $1.5M/year USD anywhere in the world. I can count on one had the number of people I know who've moved to China from Silicon Valley and they were all intercompany transfers for U.S. companies engaging the China domestic market, not some kind of Silicon Valley refugee moving to greener pastures, that's just laughable. On the other hand, there is still significant movement from China to anywhere but China among the educated and successful class. Silicon Valley isn't going anywhere, with exhibit A for me being the already ridiculous housing market getting ever more ridiculous as more and more people with higher and higher incomes try to move there.
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    C'mon now, we just going to ignore the debauchery of the 50's and 80's in white collar corporate America?
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    I was thinking about the movie "Gung Ho" this evening when I was contemplating starting a mandatory calisthenics program at the factory.
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