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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Seanote, May 7, 2002.

  1. ddefina


    Oh good! The crowd has spilled over into the next bar. :D
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  2. Mike-Claire, quick question:

    How do you manage to call americans "egoists" and "sharks" without looking at your proud continent's past? Last time I checked the USA hasn't produced any Hitlers or Mussolinis. :eek:

    p.s. a bit of trivia: there are actual EU regulations covering the texture and odor of farm animal feces. In otherwords, you guys literally bullshit about bullshit.
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  3. Moved? What?? A thread like that should be deleted. Anytime Sept 11th is used in context that it was deserving...why bother moving it.

    It should be deleted and poster deleted.

    To even keep it here would be a bad reflection upon this forum.

    Hopefully Baron or the moderators deletes it and future threads like it.

    Nihaba Ashi
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  4. When you and that poster and others start pointing fingers and using words like US, THEM, THEY, etc...this is how the seed is planted for bias or worst.

    Can't...Can't we all just get-along :cool:

    Nihaba Ashi
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  5. ddefina


    Is that you Rodney?
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  6. Nope. :D
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  7. That's crap. Milky made a verbal assault and I and others responded in kind. You want to be a Gandhian, that's fine. But don't criticize the rest of us because we have an ounce of self-respect.
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  8. Milky's back! My dear old friend, how are you?
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  9. Oh my God darkhorse I nominate that as the funniest post ever in the history of Elite! My 6 yr old daughter just came into my office to see if I was alright because she heard my shrieks....which were really uncontrolled laughter. That was truly an awesome display of humor- misplaced negatives and all.
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  10. He made a verbal assault and you responded in kind...that's a good one.

    If you identify one person...that's a different story.

    Yet...when you start using words like THEM and THEY...that's something different.

    Obviously you can't see the difference between HIM and THEM.

    Let's see...he does something to me...and I go get even with all of THEM...hmmmm.

    Isn't that the same attitude high school shooters have?

    That type of attitude is no better than his...notice how I didn't say THEM.

    Nihaba Ashi
    #20     May 7, 2002