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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Seanote, May 7, 2002.

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    I take it that wonderful thread was deleted..... or not? Damn, that was funny!
  2. I had to stop reading about half way through it....and didn't even respond (pretty tough for me, eh?).

    It reminded of the movie War Games, in showing how some stupid thing can degenerate into geo-political chaos!

    My comment; "you broke the rules, you got caught, deal with it" No big deal.

  3. you not smarty bad american pig dogs, you think u so big pants and from what, we of european union italian army are much larger privates and manly mustachios, IB has no free right to be not yes no with upside downside, we have super fantastic new currency and crush your head
  4. Mike-Claire wrote:
    This pretty much sums up that nimrod's views. And they wonder why Americans are sick and tired of their narrow-minded BS.
  5. Neil


    I was enjoying it enormously myself.. but baron was prob right to shut it down.. the last post (so to speak) of that guy really showed his true colours.. nasty to say the least.

    I thought it was an ok bit of foreigner bashing until then.. we should be able to take a bit and dish a bit I think.. especially the french.. altho he claimed to be italian.. still not convinced.. seemed altogether to french to me!

  6. Neil,

    I take it you're from the UK or thereabouts. I'm telling you, forget the EU. We should start the Anglophone Union. We'll even invite those wacky Canadians.
  7. Neil


    Absolutely! I am half english half irish and half inebriated which makes me thrice a european..

    If only I could forget the EU.. I like europe mind you.. I just am not fond of the EU. Yes, an anglophone union.. good idea and even the canadians would be good.. altho there are some funny accented french speakers there as well, they might not like us either.. but as I mentioned before (in another place) you lot really are to blame and should have joined the commonwealth years ago and saved all this trouble! Whats a few old gripes about a little harmless colonionism compared to the fact we all speak the same damn language!

  8. Neil,

    you have understood peanuts. This shows me your intelligence level. You do not even trust true posts on this forum. That's a shame. :D :D :D :D
  9. Neil


    Someone translate that for me please.. I no understand! Does he mean peanuts the famous cartoon? Charlie Brown? Or what?
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