Migrating to linux --software design advice requested

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by allonred, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. allonred


    I am migrating from windows to linux and am going to be developing some trading software. Up until now, I thought I would use phthon as I don't have the programming background to be able to effeceintly write in c++. I have read the C++/python thread. Is there a better choice?(I am a unix sys ad, so I use pl/shel alot but am new the the OO world) One last question, for the backend DB do you use mySQL or is there a better choice? Where do I get data from most only provide data for windows platforms?

  2. Hi red,

    For linux users, I would point out that none(?) of the existing linux distros could run without a considerable involvement of python and perl. This is perhaps the best case to be made to help you along.

    No further comparison between Perl and Python, although Perl is extremely rich in resources. (I am not an expert on Perl, but I have used a bit with my Python). This shows the extreme flexibility of Python as a scripting tool for all kind of OS needs.

    As you saw in the C++/Python thread, you could say a bit that Python is C/C++ in the sense that it builds on it. So going back and forth is rather easy if you need it. Besides, some very powerful tools exist to do this almost automatically.

    Some of the masters hang out regularly at:

    Try it. I'm sure you'll like it. (Be patient. Virtuosity requires more than average effort) Let me add that Python is easy to start in. Many schools use it even for children.

  3. Mattybuoy


    One of the beauties of Linux (UNIX) is that you can use whatever language you like. Compilation is only really required if a lot of number-crunching is involved.

    What would be important from a trading viewpoint is the APIs that are available. Or, if not actual library level APIs, then some data vendors and/or brokers may offer protocol specs or similar. That is the question: how do you talk to the servers? Language choice will likely follow from that ...

    BTW Perl can do OO too, as Python can do procedural :) They are very similar in their scope, but most people would probably agree that Python is easier to learn.