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    I keep looking at the EUREX as to try to give myself a reason to go back and trade this exchange, despite thinking of every possible excuse too, I just cannot justify going back.I can truly see the FGBL trading no more than 250k contracts a day by the end of 2012.Three other guys in my office have said they are migrating to other Exchanges if volumes dont increase dramtically by Easter.The 3 guys along with the 6 that have all ready left will result in a net loss of approx 50k-75k Bund contracts a day alone.

    What exchanges are intraday locals trading now as opposed to EUREX? ( maybe LIFFE?- sarcastic joke )


    Do you really need to start a new thread every time you want to complain about volume?

    Yes, volumes are extremely low. However people are still making money trading Eurex. I agree, it is not nearly as easy as it was back in 2006-2007, yet we have made changes to strategies and found new edges.

    We would all love to see the Bund volume hitting 7 figures everyday like it once did. I just dont see volume getting any better, rates are on lock-down for another 2-3 years. What good does it do to sit here and complain every single day about the same issue? If anything I think these posts make it worse. People may consider trading Eurex and stumble upon these threads while doing research. If all they see are a bunch of traders who blame lack of volume on their success--they will probably go elsewhere.

    I want to let people know, there are traders making money in Eurex. Hell even spread trading is successful, so whoever said you cannot spread trade anymore in Eurex should do a bit more research.
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    The question wasnt if people are making money or losing money- its a zero sum game, so of course some people will make money and some lose.

    The question was is what Exchanges are intraday Locals migrating to for the future bearing in mind the volumes are ever decreasing and Liquidity in drying up on EUREX.

    I am addressing active Intraday Locals ( not position trading guys ), I.E not couple of trades a day looking for a profit of 30 ticks with a stop loss of 10 etc


    No position trading being done here.
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    Broken record.....???

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    Broken record?

    I am just asking which exchanges active locals are looking to move to/have moved to, as evidently not present in EUREX currently as the volumes are so low.
  7. Umm, trade another product? Move to Chicago?
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    Why do I need to move to Chicago?

    I can trade CBOT/CME from London

    Are these the 2 Exchanges you have selected to move to?I have not really traded much on CME.I have traded CBOT today ( ZN).

    The daily volume of the US ten year is approx double to that of the EUREX Bund future, hence provides me with the Liquidity and volume I require to actively intraday trade.

    As of 20.15 GMT: