Might be a bad idea

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mike_dell, Oct 21, 2002.

  1. This might be a bad question, since so many on this board love to bite at what they feel are dumb questions..........

    Do you feel you are a successful trader?

    REason I ask is because I would love to hear how many traders here feel they are good and how many are looking at this board as a learning tool.........

  2. You do need to feel good about yourself,and you do need to believe in yourself,but only your account balance lets you know if your a good trader.
  3. i use this board to augment my already existing trading skills. since no one i know IRL [in real life] knows anything about trading, i was glad i came across this board and found so many other people who have the same passion as me.

    i haven't really learned too much that i didn't already know here, but i have taken away a few good ideas.

    trading is so anonymous that one could go their whole trading career and no one would even know they existed. thus the subject of my post.
  4. mdmbud


    I bet that is the first time he has heard that!
  5. oh yes, that was the first time I heard that joke ....:D
  6. no
  7. I'm a better trader today than last year. It's a continuous learning process as you tweak and refine your strategy.