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  1. I have been trading with MIG for about 3 months now. My account is small, under 10k. I just withdrew some profits from MIG on Wed last week. It was in my Bank account on Saturday. They were quick to respond to my request.

    They seem to always be available, whenever I have tried [once chat was unavailable, around 10pm EST]. They answer their phones when I call, I am happy with the service they provide.

    They do have a few requotes but it is always at times of high volitility. I would recommend them, although, I do not have a substantial stake with them.
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  2. zousan


    Congratulation to find your liking broker.

    But when they had fails.
    Can you retrieve your funds?

    Must you go to Switzerland's tribunal with lawyer?
    Is there any protection for your funds in Switerland?

    I receive a mail from REFCO.
    No protection is exist in America.
    May be Switzerland is same.

    You need the confirmation of the way of rescuing a fund.

    Good luck.
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  3. Cybren


    Yep, all withdrawals so far (3) were smooth. Only the requoting is still a little too much to like, but if you can live with that you are fine. Also I think the confirmation/acceptance of a trade takes a bit long (say 2 to 3 secs) but most of the time it's done as clicked.
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  4. Did your 3 withdrawls till now exceed the total amount you deposited the money in their account?
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  5. Cybren


    No, I just maintain a needed balance in my account. After the whole Refco thing I don't have more the neeeded in accounts with brokers.
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  6. Yeah! I was worried about this too, I have a friend that lost his money with Refco 100k, i do not think he will ever get it back, the market will be regulated in about 2 or 3 years, I found a broker that answers these questions about segregated money which prevents this happening, also they have a banking relationship with Bank of America, they are in the top five of interbank markets, www.fxproforex.com, they are good and have tight markets
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  7. I've had an account with MIG for a while now. Quite happy.

    I also love the fact that I can have my funds denominated in Swiss Francs (or Euro, CAD, etc).....so as the USD continues to devalue over the coming years it offers a little protection.
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  8. capstone22, what interest rates do you receive in EUR, is that only for companies in Europe?, I noticed you can only enter once you are in orders 5 pips away from the market? Is that correct?.....Velocity Trader platform has the same restriction, but their new platform ItraderPro, you can put stops and limit order 1 pip away from the bid/offer, that is why I decided to go with fxproforex.com, I will call them today to see if they can better some of the pairs traded, they have 2 pairs that 2 pips wide.....thanks for the reponse....Kind regards
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  9. Harm


    anyone holding an interest free account with them?
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