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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by WTB, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. WTB


    Hello everyone,

    Not long ago there was a thread here where people were discussing about MIG Investments (migfx.ch) and their quality as a forex broker. However, that thread seems to have dissappeard from the forum?

    Anyway, so I raise the question again: does anyone here trade live with MIG and would like to share his opinions with us?

    Thank you!
  2. Cybren


    I don't know where the other thread went to, but as I described there I have been doing some trading at MIG and so far so good. Haven't withdrawn money since I started so that's the next key test. Execution was also a little slow in my opinion, but I was trading at times when liquidity is not at it's very best.
  3. WTB


    Alright, thanks for that mate. I'd very much appreciate if you could post your feedback also as soon as you withdraw some funds.
  4. Cybren


    Still haven't withdrawn...as a matter of fact I have deposited some more so I can do some more trading. (Good thing is you don't need to deposit that much as one only needs 0,5% initial and NO variation margin)

    As soon as I withdraw I will let you know if all goes as it should.
  5. WTB


    Thanks Cybren!
  6. Cybren


    Still have not withdrawn. So far it's ok, although last time I have experienced loads of requotes and also experienced some off market quoting. Especially the requotes bothered me cause what is the use of going through a 2 pips spread brokers when the quotes are not tradable?

    Customer service is polite and there to chat with, and said they were having some small quoting problem, but I think it was just the problem I was trading at illiquid hours.

    Keep you posted.
  7. I have been trading with MIG for a while now, they have great. As good as advertised.

    Execution has been great, requotes here and there mainly on EURUSD, GBPUSD, etc. at peak hours...

    I have never used another FX Broker so I have no way to compare 'live' trading between platforms and brokers.

    I am withdrawling money on Monday, will update you on the entire process as it happens.
  8. HoggZilla


    Any issues thus far with MIG? Does anyone have a substantial amount of money in an account with them?

  9. Cybren


    So far so good. Although some requotes may occur. Withdrawals are no problem and processed instantly. Chat also not always available. Overall satisfied with their service/
  10. OGILI



    Just to make sure, have you received the withdrawal "safe and sound"? I am looking at MIG Investment too.

    But since I can be sure with its regulatory environment, I am quite hesitant at the moment.
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