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  1. Hello-

    Has anyone used MIG? Any feedback [good/bad] would be great.
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  3. Why?
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    Correction, OANDA or FXSol if u have small size.
  5. I really want a broker who allows me to sopt gold/silver, so I am somewhat limited.

    I didn't think IB allows metal trading. Is that correct?

    Do you have any insight with MIG?

    FXsol and OANDA seem great, I have been using them both. I just need to trade Metals.
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    You can trade eCBOT metals with us.
  7. I wil call IB to discuss their offerings. Thanks.
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    Think twice .. no, better more then twice if you want to choose Mig Investments. The situation was following. The order was AUDUSD at 0.7595. The chart showed that price twice hit this level, however nothing happened. At other platform high was at 0.7593 and 0.7594. So the difference is only one pip. And this is what they answered to me:
    "We have checked your tickets # 265218 and # 265227. For #265218 the high on the bid was 0.7590 at 2006.10.20:50 and this why your order has not been executed. It has been executed at 2006.10.07:05 time on witch the price reach your order. For the same raison your #265227 has also not been
    executed. This came from the wrong price that could be given by our market
    watch, witch happened with your trade, therefore the chart dose not reflect
    100% the market price. It is an indicator to help the client in putting his
    strategy and to help him in taking the trading decision. Your order has been
    executed once the market reached your price without been a wrong price and
    this was at the time indicated on your journal. "
    Just listen to them "therefore the chart dose not reflect
    100% the market price". Interesting, right? One more thing .. they never correct their charts. So do not look at the history .. it is all inccorect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I used them a while ago, well........
    If you want to get 9 requotes out of 10 attempts to place a trade, then MIG is definitely for you.
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    About requotes I can't say anything, cause I used only pending orders. However for my trading I used Expert Advisor and therefore I must have the correct history so I can test it. But .. the history is all incorrect!
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