Midwest Weather at the end of the week ( Friday 07/06/2012 ).

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    Friday 07/06/2012

    Midwest Weather at the end of the week

    The upper level weather charts at the end of this week featured a fairly strong ridge, centered over the Iowa/Missouri/Illinois region. This ridge, in combination with the very dry soils in the central U.S, is the reason for the extreme heat we have seen in the central plains, Midwest and Delta crop areas during this week. The ridge center as measured this morning is not quite as strong as the ridge that formed over the central plains early last week before moving into the Midwest and Delta later in the week but it is fairly close to that strength.
    The outlook continues to suggest that the ridge will reform over the western U.S during the next 3-5 days. A trough is expected to develop first over southeast Canada and the northeast U.S. and then over the Great lakes region and the eastern Midwest. The extreme heat in the Midwest continues today, Friday July 6th, and for many areas it will still be in the picture Saturday as well. However, once the ridge is far enough to the west and when the trough deepens in the east the cooler temperatures should move southward over the Midwest region. The problem is that we do not expect this cooler weather to be accompanied by any significant amount of shower activity. Showers of 0.50 inch or more should be hard to come by, except possibly very near the Ohio river and in the Delta region south of the Midwest. The reason for the increased chance for shows in these areas is that the front may be slow to clear the southern Midwest during the Sunday-Monday time frame and it may linger over the Delta for a day or two after that.

    Crop stress in the Midwest may ease somewhat as the temperatures cool off but what the crops really need is a good general rain or more likely two or three good general rains. This does not appear to be in the cards for the near term forecast, at least not in the Midwest region. The longer range outlook for later next week suggests that the ridge will remain weaker than it has been and mostly away from the Midwest region but there does not appear to much available Gulf Moisture flowing far enough to the north to bring good rains to the Midwest region.

    There is a chance next week that shower threats would continue for the Delta crop areas and possibly for the southeast U.S. crop areas as well but it does not appear likely that this moisture will reach to the Midwest.

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