Midnight rally

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Rickshaw Man, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. So whats with this overnight drift up, seems to start around 2:00amcst and floats up on no volume.
  2. Yep looks like the money is made in the overnight session, index futures barely budge after the open.
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    that's when the german market starts trading
  4. Get ready to rally, these index futures will be up tonight guaranteed.
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  5. happens each night... every single one.

    Someone comes out and juices the index futures on absolutely no volume.

    Just seems like the market is not allowed to ever gap down overnight..... ever

    go back 2 years and count how many times the market gapped down on a Monday.... less than 20% imo

    something seriously wrong with that picture. Even during 1999 market would gap down huge-- not anymore.

    Also we have gone the longest number of days in the history of the stockmarket without a 2% down day in the SPX-- in fact we have doubled the previous streak of days

    smells kinda fishy if ya ask me
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  6. I thought we had 100% up room to go cachingo?? No? Your target of sp 2200 won't be reached?
  7. what does not gapping down have to do with Naz 2350?

    I dont care if market goes to zero or infinity... something is seriously manipulated with a market that continues to be a statistical outlier in every way possible for too long now
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    Overseas market affect the overnight market here. like.. duh.
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    Do you honestly believe that some financial entity is manipulating this market to keep it down?

    Besides the FED, that is?
  10. actually I believe the fed's constant injection of liquidity despite the threat of inflation is keeping the market up...not keeping it down
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