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  1. The deal has just been signed on a Russian Nuclear reactor for Iran. So, what's the response likely to be? Quiet acceptance, or some type of muffled UN protest. Or, an offensive. Any suggestions?

    This might be better placed on politics forum but it's the economic consequences I'm interested in.
  2. economic impact, like, in 5-10 years?... well, what size this deal? whats Iran's energy consumption per capita, anticipated growth etc... assuming no civil war, foreign strike(s) etc...?

    what don't u give us a head start?
  3. Oils priced the way it is because of Geopolitics, and a nuclear standoff seems significant. Maybe just doing nothing about this conflict is going to create a build up of tension. That might just cause prices to creep up slowly.
  4. tension's already there... been there for quite a while... u shld check out the Oil threads in the futures section re geopolitical impact etc, although simply looking at a chart wld do imo... on a 5-15 years timeframe, u'll need to factor in the impact of alternative energies, fuel cell / electric cars etc... cheers!
  5. After the Israelis destroy it, there won't be any economic consequences to ponder.
  6. There is a thread of contrary opinion out there regarding the significance of iran obtaining nuclear weapons.

    Some analysts feel that this would actually be a good thing, as it would effectively put the mideast into a detante scenario and rule out attacks on Iran by Israel et al. It might be a stabilizing factor and allow some constructive peace in the middle east. OTOH, if they gave away the bomb, it might wake us up for a brief moment in the middle of the night (before our bodies burned to a cinder).

    Not arguing pro or con, just putting forward the argument.