Middle East Tensions are Good 4 Stock Market

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  1. War in Iraq 1991, Iraq War 2003, War on Terror, Iraq Occupation

    Each of these middle east events in the past 18 years has lead to huge, sustained rallies in stocks.

    Expect oil to surge $4 or more and the dow to rise 400 points or more.

    Given the escalating tensions between Isreal and Hammas, & Pakistan and India there is no way Obama is gonna pull out of Iraq now, and he will increase the troop count in Afghanistan, which is bearish for dollar, and bullish for commodities, large cap tech, energy, defense, multinational, EWZ, FXI.

    If you're short sucks 2 b u. Expect the futures to open higher, and keep rising.
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    I am rather new to trading and to Elitetrader's forums. So can someone please explain to me wtf if wrong with this stock_trad3r character ?

    I mean every single comment i have been reading about him on the different threads have been very very negative if not insulting ...

    And it just doesn't feel to me like it is justified...but then again , I 'm new , and it might just very well be...

    so what'sup with that ?
  3. You blew out your account long ago. You've been wrong about the market until only very recently.
  4. The retard promised to leave when the s&p broke 1250, but like the little sissy he is, doesn't understand that men keep their word.

    Here's some of his great calls where you'd only have lost 80% of your cash:

  5. Down goes the dollar

    EUR-USD 1.4072 0.0045 0.32
    USD-JPY 90.6950 -0.1150 -0.13
    GBP-USD 1.4652 0.0069 0.47
  6. Futures turning green

    Dow 8,487.00 15.00 0.18
    S&P 500 869.10 0.20 0.02
    NASDAQ 100 1,186.75 -1.75 -0.15

    very good sign for monday

    Could the dow surge 20% or more before 2009? Possibly.