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    This story is clearly fast moving, so maybe it would be helpful to ET to start a thread covering new stories. It's unclear what the end game is here.

    The whole supply line for oil to the West is potentially under threat. How would $300 oil affect our economies? Are new democratically elected leaders going to sever all oil contracts with Western companies, it's possible... The future ramifications for world economies and conflicts are known unknowns, as Donald Rumsfield would say.

    For now, my feeble means of following such events is watching Al Jazeera English, but even these guys don't seem to have many reporters on the ground in Libya. And for BBC, CNBC, etc it's even worse.

    So maybe we can keep this thread devoted to the economic implications of the Middle East moving story.

    Perhaps we have some ET amongst us who can speak Arabic too..?
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    14:08 Libya Leader Gaddadi to speak on State TV shortly
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    New highs on all major equity indices. ;)
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    Democratically elected Shariah system, I say.
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    For your dream : aka the return in grace of the US inside the UN you are accountable of all these deaths... congrats !

    In UE some people were saying that americans were like pittbulls. In the sense that once they bite they never let it go... In fact it's true... but they didn't thaugh me that this dog hadn't teeth...
  9. He has threatened to cleanse protestors house by house using chem and bio weapons
  10. This may be a bit obvious, but Al Jazeera English on Twitter also has some informative news updates from the Middle East, for those looking for up to the minute news...

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