Middle East Meltdown and US Foreign Policy.

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    Jayford: You always start your arguments with a long article (often from Brazil), and accept it as fact. The World is not happy now, and articles will not even get published unless they bitch. Try using hard facts, and people here won't diss you so much.

    I actually give you credit for presenting a credible argument, but it dies when you use articles to back it up. That's one person's opinion.


    July 21, 2006

    SouthAmerica: Reply to Jayford

    If you had the chance to read most of my published articles over the years then you would realize that a lot of the articles convey new ideas and I spot trends away ahead of the pack. And at the time when the articles were published people gave me a hard time and many told me that I did not know what I was talking about.

    And time after time my predictions came to past. After a few years of being right on a regular basis one would expect that he had built some kind of credibility with his readers, but in reality that does not happen – because I keep writing about things that a lot people does not want to hear about and that goes against what they want to believe.

    I usually use articles of sources that have a certain degree of credibility from my prior experiences – the highest quality of writing and credibility as a publication and the high caliber of the authors of published material. You see me quoting very often from The New York Times, The Financial Times of London, The Economist, Business Week, and from a select group of Universities and organizations that have a high level of credibility.

    For example: you don’t see me quoting from the Wall Street Journal. I used to read the WSJ on a regular basis then I realized that The Financial Times of London was a much better newspaper and very seldom a check the front page of the WSJ. The Financial Times of London writers spot trends away ahead of the WSJ – that’s what I realized over the years after reading both publications.

    I use credibly sources of information just as a support to what point I am trying to make. I quote often from Brazilian and other foreign sources of information, because very often I see information on foreign publications such as A Folha de Sao Paulo, O Globo, and many others – and that information appears on the US mainstream media only a 2 or 3 days later, and sometimes the information never appears here in the US.

    The US mainstream media today it is too concentrated and they just published things that they want you to know. If you can’t read the foreign press you are out of luck and you don’t really know what is happening around the world.

    By the way, criticism and regular attacks to what I write about, it does not bother me a bit, I am used to it – that is why the editor of the magazine and also the newspaper that I write on a regular basis – they have told me that I am the most controversial writer they have on their publications.

    I write about a lot of stuff that people don’t want to hear – they usually want the information sugarcoated or they want to be caught by surprise when the shit hit the fan.

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  2. Hi SA

    So you're a trendsetter, an iconoclast and your ability to predict the course of future events is uncanny.

    It's always a little weird when a member starts to tell others how good they are. Usually what happens is this - if a member is really good (at trading, predicting future events, giving good advice to newbies), other people step up and post and say "this member is really good and everyone should read his posts and take note of them'.

    See what I mean? When others say a member is good, people take notice. When a member comes on and says "I AM GOOD', it makes people think "hmm... sounds like another kid in his underwear in his bedroom at his parent's house.'

    We have only your word for your greatness since nothing in your posts thus far would indicate that you are a professional journalist.

    So... you say you're a pro. If you are, why not tell us which magazines and newspapers your byline appears in?

    Also, if you're a published pro with a readership, what are you doing on here?? Do pro journalists usually spend so much time on anonymous message boards with relatively small readerships??
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    TraderNik: We have only your word for your greatness since nothing in your posts thus far would indicate that you are a professional journalist.

    So... you say you're a pro. If you are, why not tell us which magazines and newspapers your byline appears in?

    Also, if you're a published pro with a readership, what are you doing on here??


    July 22, 2006

    SouthAmerica: Reply to Tradernik

    I have been right about 80 percent of the time and you can read it on the various articles published over the years. But I also have been wrong at times for example: I thought the Brazilian economy would be in major trouble if Lula were elected president of Brazil. I am glad I was wrong about that. Lula surprised me when he picked a first rate group of people to place them in key positions to direct economic policy in Brazil in the last 4 years. That was a major prediction that should account to 20 percent of my errors.

    But most of my other predictions have been right on target regarding the US stock market, the euro, the price of gold, the Iraq war, and so on…..

    If you read my articles you will realize I wrote about many of these subjects before they came to past. It is easy to be a Monday morning quarterback, but it is harder when you write about things before they happen.

    It does not matter that I have been right about a lot of stuff over the years – I don’t get paid for my articles – and I never asked anyone to pay for my articles – I give my articles away to a lot of publications as a contribution and many articles I sent to magazines because the editor of these magazines contacted me and asked me if I could submit an article for publication.

    When I say to people that I never charged any money for my articles – they tell me that my articles can’t be worth anything since I am just giving them away.

    I guess according to the mentality of a lot of people around here – for you to be able to have credibility and be able to write something that it is worth the time for other people to read it - someone has to pay for your writing otherwise your writing can’t be worth much.

    What all these people don’t understand it is the satisfaction that an author receives from the power to influence people with his writings. That kind of power it is worth more than any amount of money. The power to influence thought and to change things with ones writings it is immense, and if we are lucky we can try to change the world for the better.

    I am not hiding behind my SouthAmerica name on this message board as most people are under their fake names. If you have been reading my postings then you would know that I have identified myself a long time ago when I referred readers to some of my articles. For example when I posted the following thread on this message board:


    But to answer your question – here is a copy of an email that I sent to a friend of mine recently when he asked me for the addresses of some of my articles which have been published in the web over the years.

    I hope you will enjoy reading some of these articles.

    Have fun.


    As I promised you here are the Internet website addresses where you can find a copy of some of my articles.

    Most of my articles have been published by Brazzil magazine, The Brasilians, and various other newspaper and magazines.

    Brazzil magazine is one of the most successful Brazilian magazines in the Internet. Google the search engine has catalogued over 10 billion websites in the Internet and as of today Brazzil magazine ranks 44,804 in the entire Internet, and they get an average of 15,000 to 20,000 readers per day. I receive emails and letters to the editor regarding my articles from people in the United States, Canada, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and also from people in Brazil.

    Most of my articles are about Brazilian history, the Brazilian economy, International economics and affairs. Here are some of my published articles:

    “While China Rises the US Falls in Brazil and Latin America”
    Published on June 2, 2005

    May 2005 – “US and EU are the Past. The future is Brazil and Bric”

    Maybe you will find interesting the article that I wrote about the coming worldwide economic depression.

    Published on February 17, 2005 on my blog and also on Brazzil magazine.
    “The First Great Depression of the New Millennium” By Ricardo C. Amaral


    Here is an article that had a major impact in Brazil and in Saudi Arabia:

    June 2003 – “Dear Saudis, Play Safe Bring Your Money to Brazil”

    Note: When the above article was published I received an invitation at that time from the government of Saudi Arabia for me to visit Saudi Arabia and meet with the government officials responsible for Saudi Arabian investments.

    I did not accept the invitation because of the Iraq war, but I did keep in contact with the Saudis that contacted me, and in the summer of 2004 I did meet with one of the Saudis here in New Jersey. He was going through an investment road show for his government here in the United States, and he stopped in New Jersey just to meet me in person.

    There are various Arab newspapers that are publishing my articles in the Middle East today. But one of them “ArabNews” is widely read not only in the Middle East but also in the rest of the Islamic world.

    May 2005 - “The Arab Latin Summit, Brazil and the Future”

    April 2005 - “Brazil to Host Arab-South American Summit Next Month”

    In the last 6 years I wrote at least 10 articles about: Why Brazil should adopt the Euro as the Brazilian new currency. Here are some articles about the Brazilian currency:

    June 2002 - “The Euro Now”

    June 2003 – “Should Brazil Adopt a New Currency?”

    Articles about Brazilian history:

    January 2003 - “The Brazilian Ruling Class”

    July 2000 – “The Greatest Man in Brazilian History”

    Note: The above two articles are about the members of my family in Brazil.

    February 2005 – “Brazil, the Original Leader of the Americas – Part I”

    February 2005 – “Brazil, the Original Leader of the Americas – Part II”

    July 2000 – “Overpopulated”

    September 2001 – “The B-Files”

    Articles about Brazil and Nuclear Weapons:

    May 2002 – “We Need the Bomb – Part I”

    February 2003 – “We Need the Bomb – Part II”

    June 2003 – “Food for Nukes the Answer for Brazil”


    I wrote many articles about the Iraq war, the US dollar, and its impact in the Brazilian economy. Here is a list of some of these articles as follows:

    Articles about US dollar:

    Other articles:

    April 2005 – “South Meets South at Arab-Latin Summit in Brazil”


    March 2005 – “Outsourcing is ruining the US and Brazil’s economy”


    November 2004 – “Brazil Loses Celso Furtado, One of its Brightest Intellectual”

    October 2003 – “How to reduce Unemployment”

    August 2003 – “Roberto Marinho – The Most Powerful Man in Brazil”

    June 2003 – “I Nominate Brazilian Furtado to the Nobel”

    June 2003 – “Brazil and the Angolan Connection”

    April 2003 – “The Art of Deception”

    January 2003 – “Getting Ready for War”

    December 2002 – “Our Future is Now”

    November 2002 – “The Big American Lie”

    October 2002 – “Shock Treatment”

    September 2002 – “Countdown to Armageddon”

    August 2002 – “Brazil and the Bully”

    March 2002 – “Folly”


    I also have many other articles that were published in the web in various other publications, but I have to take the time to find them and catalogue them sometime in the future.

    Ricardo C. Amaral

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  4. Well Ricardo, if that's who you are... I see you post a lot of stuff at a website called brazzil.com and a couple of things at a blog...I won't be going to either. I'm not sure if the citations you provided counts as having published in 'several newspapers and magazines' as you claimed. In my mind, it wouldn't.

    If Ricardo Amaral is actually your name, at least you are willing to identify yourself.

    Anyway, good luck in your quest. I will state again that it undermines your credibility to have to say YOURSELF how good you are. The best guys don't have to tell everyone how good they are - others recognize it and say it for them.

    PS - I just did a Google search on your name and for someone who has had such a wideranging effect on the people of two major countries, there isn't much there

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  5. Are you this Ricardo C. Amaral? You did say you were in the Northeast and you're here at a trading site, and an article here cites an FDU email address for the author


    Also, I found this mini bio at a few different blog sites, so I have to ask you - did you write this yourself?
    Author Biography

    Ricardo C. Amaral was born in the city of Säo Paulo, Brazil. He attended Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, New Jersey, USA, where he received a B.A. degree in Economics and later an MBA degree in Finance. He continued his Academic studies towards a PhD. degree in Economics at Fordham University, but then elected to immersed himself totally into a professional corporate career. Mr. Amaral has an extensive investment and international business background. He worked over the years in the investment field and in the international area of a number of American and Brazilian multinational companies; including Lexington Management Corporation / Templeton, Dobrow & Vance, GAF Corporation, Prudential Reinsurance Company, American Cyanamid Corporation, Globo Television Network (largest television network in Brazil), Mesbla Trading Inc., etc... Mr. Amaral is among a very few remaining living descendants of both José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva and of Martim Francisco Ribeiro de Andrada - the founding fathers of Brazil. List of books by Ricardo C. Amaral: José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva "The Greatest Man in Brazilian History" Publishing Company: Brazilian Communications Group A Division of "Amaral International, Inc." First edition published December 31, 1998, (228 Pgs.) Copyright © 1998 by Ricardo C. Amaral U.S. $ 25.00 José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva "The Founding Father of Brazil" First edition published January 1, 1999, (367 Pgs.) Copyright © 1999 by Ricardo C. Amaral Publishing Company: Brazilian Communications Group A Division of Amaral International, Inc. P.O. Box 110302 Nutley, New Jersey 07110 U.S. $ 35.00
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    TraderNik: PS - I just did a Google search on your name and for someone who has had such a wideranging effect on the people of two major countries, there isn't much there


    July 22, 2006

    SouthAmerica: You are right about that I used to get a lot more results when I used to Google my entire name – Two years ago my entire name when I Googled it was showing almost 1,000 hits under my complete name.

    But I know that a lot of my articles are buried under the Ricardo Amaral name. I published many articles over the years without my middle initial.

    As you can see when you Google my name under Ricardo Amaral you get almost 44,000 hits. But the problem is that my articles are buried with the stuff from some other people who also have a name similar to mine.

    Google results:

    Results 1 - 10 of about 43,900 for "Ricardo Amaral". (0.14 seconds)

    Results 1 - 10 of about 159 for "Ricardo C. Amaral". (0.03 seconds)


    You are right I get very few hits in the web when compared with such writers as:

    Google results:

    Results 1 - 10 of about 7,370,000 for Paul Krugman.

    Results 1 - 10 of about 20,800,000 for Thomas L. Friedman.

    Results 1 - 10 of about 13,000,000 for Noam Chomsky

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  7. you didn't respond to the second post - is that your bio? Sorry if it is and you didn't want it posted but it is at the bottom of an article you linked to so I assume that if it's you, you don't mind people reading it on here.
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    TraderNik: Are you this Ricardo C. Amaral?


    July 22, 2006

    SouthAmerica: Yes. That is the bio I used during the book signings when I published one of my books.

    The Brazilian community in New York/New Jersey metropolitan area also knows me, not only from my articles but because I have been the keynote speaker at many events commemorating the independence of Brazil in the area. I usually go to these events to represent my family and they introduce me as a descendent of Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva.

    Yes, I am a proud member of the most influential family in Brazilian history.

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  9. Yes, I noticed that your books are published by Amaral publishing.

    Well, if this is in fact who you are, at least you have the guts to attach your real name to your posts, and for this I commend you.
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    Tradernik: you didn't respond to the second post - is that your bio? Sorry if it is and you didn't want it posted but it is at the bottom of an article you linked to so I assume that if it's you, you don't mind people reading it on here.


    July 22, 2006

    SouthAmerica: Yes, it is my biography.

    The information it is posted on the web and anyone could find it by Googling my name.

    Now you know that I did work for Sir John Templeton at Templeton, Dobrow & Vance, I also worked for Globo Television Network of Brazil and met a number of times Mr. Roberto Marinho (the president maker in Brazil), and I also worked with Hélio Costa at Globo in New York, today he is the Minister of Communications in Brazil.

    I met a number of times over the years my friend former president Jose Sarney, and I also know former president Fernando Cardoso, and I had the pleasure of meeting President Lula and various of his ministers.


    Tradernik: Yes, I noticed that your books are published by Amaral publishing.

    Well, if this is in fact who you are, at least you have the guts to attach your real name to your posts, and for this I commend you.


    SouthAmerica: You are trying very hard to find something wrong with my information. Don’t get discourage, I guess you will have the chance to take apart the information published on my articles.

    I had a company for many years Amaral International, Inc., and I did create a subsidiary just to sell some of my books – Brazilian Communications Group A Division of Amaral International, Inc. P.O. Box 110302 Nutley, New Jersey 07110.

    But a regular publishing company published the book, and the book can be bought on various bookstores – just Google the complete name of my book. You can buy it through Borders, Barnes & Noble, Amazon bookstore on the web and so on.

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