Middle East Meltdown and US Foreign Policy.

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    September 2, 2012

    SouthAmerica: The balance of power is changing very fast around the world, and there's nothing the old powers can do about that.

    After Tehran NAM Summit, Who is Isolated? - September 2, 2012

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    After the closing of the 16th summit of the Non-Aligned Movement in Iran, many have renewed hope that this organization can actually become what its founders desired. That is, an organization to counter the lopsided balance of power of the United Nations where 5 countries have the right to veto out of the rest of the world. NAM represents two-thirds of the world countries. During final statements in Tehran, members seem to say that the time is now for a change in the way the world is governed. Will NAM be able to operate changes in the international political arena.

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    September 5, 2012

    SouthAmerica: Now “Operation Clueless or Gulf War III” it has been underway.

    The United States likes to give cute names for its military adventures around the world such as “Operation Desert Storm or Gulf War I” in 1990 – 1991. Then came "Operation Iraqi Freedom or
    Gulf War II” in 2003 – 2012. And now “Operation Clueless or Gulf War III” it has been underway.

    The name "Operation Clueless" is very important in this case, because it defines what the United States is trying to accomplish in the Middle East.

    The name “Operation Clueless” is also important, because when you don't have a clue about what you are doing any result it will be O.K.

    US destabilizes the entire Middle East: Bill Jones – September 4, 2012

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    Syrian Ambassador to Tehran Hamed Hassan says the ongoing crisis in Syria started through foreign conspiracy, with the Arab country currently engaged in a real war.

    The Syrian envoy also stated that the foreign media contort the reality of what is going on in Syria and cover the news in favor of the terrorist groups.

    The Syrian government says that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and there are reports that a very large number of the armed militants are foreign nationals.

    Press TV has conducted an interview with Bill Jones, Executive Intelligence Review, to further discuss the issue.

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    September 7, 2012

    SouthAmerica: Here is another chapter regarding "Operation Clueless"....

    US acts as Gulf guardian angel, brushes off Bahrain protests as Iran

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    September 11, 2012

    SouthAmerica: I am glad that President Barack Obama is telling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for that "Anti-Christ" to go and screw himself.

    I am agnostic, and when you take religion out of the equation, and use common sense on your analysis then you realize that it is crazy all this wasted money that the United States has been throwing out all these years regarding Israel.

    Americans finally has started to grasp that it is not in the self-interest of the United States to be so close to Israel - a country that is a lose cannon, and it's completely out of control.

    If the United States continues to give so much blind support to Israel that it will be the end of the United States.

    It is insane all the support that the United States has been giving to Israel all these years.

    Anyway, “the party is over,” and Israel it will be completely irrelevant as a country in the 21st century, where the real economic and financial action will be generated by the BRICS - Israel means nothing in the world of China/India and the new world order of the 21st century.


    The Ticket – Yahoo News – September 11, 2012

    The White House denied late Tuesday that President Barack Obama had snubbed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by rejecting his request for a meeting when he comes to the annual United Nations General Assembly in New York in late September. A spokesman confirmed an Israeli news reports that the two leaders would not meet but cited the president's uncertain and hectic election-year schedule.

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    September 11, 2012

    SouthAmerica: General Martin E. Dempsey – Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - In this capacity, he serves as the principal military adviser to the President Barack Obama.

    General Dempsey said recently that he does not want to be an accomplice of Israel regarding an attack against Iran.

    I am glad that the United States still have some generals that use common sense regarding a very important decision about sending Americans young men to a new crazy war, because today Israel has an insane leader and a real moron: the "Anti-Christ", the insane Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    'Israel desperate, US not in position to do anything about Iran' – September 11, 2012

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    Israel has urged the U.S. to set up definite 'red lines' over the actions of Iran which - if crossed - would lead to an aggressive response, including an American-led attack. Washington has so far asked Israel to cool down its rhetoric on the issue to give talks and sanctions a chance. RT talks to writer and journalist Afshin Rattansi.
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    September 12, 2012

    SouthAmerica: This is just the result of a minor disagreement between friends, since these militias are the allies of the United States in Libya.

    This little fire was caused by friends of the United States – it is nothing to worry about it.

    The US ambassador to Libya and 3 other Embassy staff were killed by the local militia, an ally and friend of the United States.

    Israel tried to kill General Dempsey (the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) a few weeks ago, and now another ally of the United States killed a few Americans in Libya.

    With friends like that, who needs enemies?

    US consulate in Benghazi on fire, ambassador to Libya reported killed – September 12, 2012

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    The US ambassador to Libya was killed by local militia in an attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Reuters quoted Libyan official as saying.

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  7. You are an Idiot.
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  8. Reply to Navin Johnson

    You left out this part of the above quote:

    Israel tried to kill General Dempsey (the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) a few weeks ago, and now another ally of the United States killed a few Americans in Libya.

    With friends like that, who needs enemies?

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    In a Nutshell:

    August 28, 2012

    SouthAmerica: I understand that the neurotic, and warmongering Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nethanyahu is also a raving lunatic, but by trying to assassinate an American General he has crossed the "red line".


    Planned war on Iran and the General who said No! - August 22, 2012

    US General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

    Today, General Dempsey, Chairman of America’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, the man who flew to Tel Aviv and informed Netanyahu that America wanted no part of his scheming against Iran was the subject of an assassination attempt in Afghanistan.

    This wasn’t an act of terrorism or Taliban militants. It was a “mob hit” against someone who failed to kiss the feet of Netanyahu. His response was to unleash killers, not a fact for the public but a fact just the same, one the American military knows very well. Netanyahu has a problem with “hubris.”

    The culprits, “militants,” managed to escape undetected from the most sophisticatedly defended real estate on earth, the perimeter of Bagam Air Force Base. Lucky for them they attacked at night, a time when America’s 5th generation night vision, ground radar and other detection systems were mysteriously disabled.

    The rocket detection systems, early warning blimps with ground penetrating synthetic aperture radar and the continual coverage by UAV drones using infrared detection, $2 billion in technology on this one perimeter alone, cost the plane of America’s top military commander and wounds were sustained by two crew members.

    Dempsey had just left Tel Aviv where he told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the following:
    “I may not know about all of [Israel's] capabilities, but I think that it’s a fair characterization to say that they could delay but not destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities.”

    Dempsey then told waiting reporters:

    “We compare intelligence, we discuss regional implications, and we’ve admitted to each other that our clocks are turning at different rates, we have to understand the Israelis; they live with a constant suspicion with which we do not have to deal.”

    There are those close to President Obama who don’t accept the attack on Dempsey at face value, with a public admission by the Taliban of complicity. Such statements, which would certainly cost dearly in reprisals by the US, are most often found on Internet sites lacking a credible connection to any Islamic source.

    To some Americans, the attack appears to be a reprisal against Dempsey who, out of coincidence, cited the motive in his own appraisal of Israel’s judgment, their “constant suspicion.”

    News agencies buried the failed attack, knowing Dempsey is hated by Netanyahu and respected by the Taliban as both “truthful and fair.”

    Netanyahu longs for the days when General Myers held Dempsey’s job, under Bush (43), both flawed and narcissistic, predictable puppets, the perfect fodder for Netanyahu’s machinations.

    Only two weeks ago, Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, returned from a trip overseas, coming back to America with $60 million dollars collected in Israel and Britain while accompanied by Casino boss Sheldon Adelson who’s Las Vegas and China organizations have long been reputed to be the center of worldwide organized crime.

    The business, gambling, drugs, prostitution, money laundering and now war, is seeking its own president and war on Iran is the only issue driving the American campaign.

    Romney, as a state governor, was, if anything, to the “left” of President Obama. Romney’s support of government health care and widespread gun controls run totally opposite to the core constituency of the Republican Party, the weapons lobby and the medical racketeers.

    Romney has found, however, that, though it is illegal for any American candidate to accept money overseas, while overseas, from overseas, at home from those who are citizens of other countries, he feels himself above the law, in the sweet and motherly arms of the Israeli controlled American media.

    Now drowning in illegal cash, much from London bankers, his most interesting catch was the private dinner he shared with the Tel Aviv “blood diamond” smugglers who donated up to $25 million dollars in one night.

    Key to his financial successes is his lifelong history of working closely with organized crime. His investment company, Bain, was funded initially by cash infusion from El Salvador death squads many years ago. These investors are still at his side despite charges of mass murder and corruption.

    Bain Capital is Romney’s money laundering and tax avoidance company with thousands of secret bank accounts in “safe havens” around the world, invisible billions, hidden transactions, unseen profits and unseen “clients.”

    Now Romney has found the “mother of all causes,” selling the promise of an American war, fought by Americans, financed by Americans, American dead, American blood, American collapse, a war demanded by, not Jews of the world but by organized crime groups operating through Israel’s Likudist party, dominated by the Koch Brothers, American gasoline speculators, Sheldon Adelson, whose reputation would fill volumes and Rupert Murdoch, whose spy organization is now proven to have blackmailed three consecutive British government, well proven, and likely to have been even more successful in the United States, Germany, Canada, Australia and a dozen other nations.

    Most embarrassing to both Russia and the United States has been the ability of criminal organizations to secure sanctions against Iran when both nations are burdened by official reports stating with comprehensive clarity that Iran has no nuclear program.

    Even more embarrassing for Russia, who refused to veto sanctions as they did with Iran’s ally Syria, is the fact that Iran’s peaceful nuclear program is built, in near entirety on Russian technology, a Russian nuclear reactor and 3000 Russian technicians.

    Statements by Obama directly contradict America’s National Intelligence Estimate. The estimate stated that Iran has no nuclear program. Russia’s Putin has similarly ignored, not just his own intelligence agencies but the fact that Russia is actually building Iran’s reactor and has 3000 technicians in Iran, all of whom probably are not entirely deaf and blind.

    ...The carefully choreographed and very public attempt on the life of General Dempsey is a greeting card from the Adelson/Romney/Netanyahu camp.

    Several appropriate responses, RSVPs as it were, come to mind, some partially fatal. Is an American president really the leader of the free world, as we so often say, if any “two bit thug” can dictate policy?

    ...What drew Adelson, Romney and even Putin to Israel at this critical time as the world sits on the brink of nuclear war over Syria is simple. We are again reminded of Putin’s visit to Israel.

    No Israeli citizen was spoken to, no public concerns were addressed, no, a visit to Israel is a visit to the “safe haven” for worldwide organized crime that controls and manages the vast and endless wealth of the Russian continent as easily as it runs Britain or dances its Washingtonian puppets into discarding laws and traditions and becoming a surrogate bully, not for a nation but for an international criminal conspiracy.

    The language of politics must be replaced with the language of crime as the solutions to what are misconstrued as political problems are and have long been responses to the depredations of criminal organizations.

    It isn’t as though Iran were the only target, simply the public target where control of the United Nations Security Council can be exercised, a demonstration of the raw power of evil.

    The mistake made by so many is to use principles of geopolitics to describe the world condition, the continual entropy, the centralization of wealth and the rapid deterioration of human rights as wars rage without end.

    Even the educated classes, searching for patterns and rationales to explain how 2000 trillion dollars represented by “derivative debt” could encumber all the world’s currencies, a staggering amount created by an unseen hand through a process none have yet been able to describe.

    Debt, or as it is known in criminal circles as “loan sharking,” is the business of the world. Controlling currencies was not enough, thus controlled governments, bribed, threatened, blackmailed and bought looked away while the wealth and hope of a hundred generations was stolen overnight, a few lines of text, a few entries on computers and generations of our progeny are changed, in that moment, from citizens of the world to “useless eaters,” as Henry Kissinger would describe them.

    Armies may march, air forces may bomb, drones may attack but none of this is war or politics, nor has it been for centuries. This is where we went awry. We chose to play chess while our opponents simply put a pistol on the table and emptied our pockets.

    America is living this today, as it looks on an upcoming election. The very few can escape the packaged news, scripted in Hollywood or Washington or Tel Aviv, our political life is a theatrical production, a comic tragedy without the Shakespearean irony.

    This is a government that Sheldon Adelson, the man who believes he will be America’s real next president, believes he can take to war, a systematic conquest of the Middle East and Central Asia, done for the criminal elements some call Israel, done, quite simply, to prove the power of evil over good.


    Israel is "barking on the wrong tree"

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    September 12, 2012

    SouthAmerica: All the United States can do right now it is to continue on the same path of its very successful “Operation Clueless” and hope for the best as the Middle East and North Africa spins completely out of control.

    If the ultimate goal was to destabilize and create chaos in the entire Middle East and in North Africa, then the United States could not have done a better job - and “Operation Clueless” has been a great success.

    'Muhammad-mocking movie to flare up troubled region' – September 12, 2012

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/_74PrICJris" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    There's been an attack on the US embassy in Beirut. This comes after President Obama confirmed that his ambassador to Libya - and three other officials - were killed in the city of Benghazi. Christopher Stevens was at the US consulate there when an armed mob stormed the compound, in protest at an American film which has been described as an insult to Islam.

    A team of US anti-terror marines is reportedly heading to Libya to beef up security for diplomats. RT talks to independent news editor James Corbett.

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