Middle Class say they aren't better off

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Aaron Copland, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Yes but Exxon Mobil is better off, Thanks Bushy Boy.
  2. Only 15% blamed oil. 26% blamed the gov. 33% blamed the neighbors cat.
  3. The middle class can always ponder relocating to Cuba or Venezuela. Working man's paradise.
  4. The working class man could move to Norway. I here they is plenty of work in the hugh gas fields off the coast.
  5. 1. REAL inflation rate much higher than Gummint says.

    2. Wages not keeping pace.

    3. Well-paying middle class jobs outsourced.

    4. Gummint always wants more money, so taxes and fees going up.

    5. Savings punished.

    6. $USD losing buying power.

    What should one expect?
  6. Don't worry, government will bail you out. All you have to do is change your name to Wall Street.

  7. Very interesting perspective. Though faulty in logistics. My fear is that if we continue to ignore the plight of the middle class, they will not move to Venezuela - which is logistically difficult, but they will move Venezuela here which is much easier to accomplish.

    When the economy is good to them, the middle class votes against it's own interests because they are easily fooled by such non issues as flag burning and marriage amendments to the Constitution, 10 Commandments or Nativity scenes on public property, school prayer, Welfare mommas bleeding the government, Wille Hortons running amok, etc...

    I don't mean to belittle those issues, but it's no coincidence that the party most in bed with the wealthy elites uses those issues to win elections.

    If the middle class does experience a severe recession or even a depression, marxism (though I'm sure another name will be used for it) will be imported here.

    I don't believe in cradle to grave big government - but I also disagree with gov't policies that encourage outsourcing, the socialization of losses created by the wealthy, corporate subsidies that end up as dividends and high CEO pay (funneling taxpayer $ to the elites), I could go on and on....

    The French Revolution, the Bolshevik uprising, the Socialist Policies of FDR... they were all created by ignoring or manipulating or excessively extracting from the sheeple.

    The sheeple may be easily manipulated when they feel well off. But don't underestimate them if they are out of work and homeless.

    I doubt we will experience a depression. I just believe that the current trend is a dangerous one. Not being alarmist here, just observant of history.
  8. I suspect we'll need a heavy dose of just that before there is a change in how 'bidness is done in the US.