middle class always getws screwed by the government

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    Canada seems a lot better than the US, no? Canadians didn't get caught up in the MFGlobal thing, they have regulations suitable to a civilized society seemingly.
  3. Yeah like banning rehypothecation and oil reserves.
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    Middle class is is that sweet spot of still having some resources/income assets that government can go after but no real power to protect themselves

    Poor have nothing to take. Rich control the government. who's left?
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    Canada got their shit together back in the late 90's (they looked like the USA now...bunch of liberal crazies, tons of debt, high taxes, lost AAA credit rating, etc.). Conservatives put a plan together, that lowered corporate taxes down to 15%! And they got their budget, debts in line and got their AAA rating back.

    If only the people here can vote out these democrats so when can get our Country back....but, 51% of us don't pay taxes and want more guberment handouts so the USA is doomed.
  6. canada is english colony, so is us. same type of people leading, just timing slightly out.
  7. Well stated. The past few years has really been more of a battle to preserve the status quo of the F.I.R.E. sector AND simultaneously trying to maintain the status quo of the public sector and their generous benefits.

    Alot of what we're dealing with is still the fallout from the first real bubble about 12+ years ago now. Public sector wages/pensions, the housing bubble (as a means to fight "deflation" in 2001-02), and the explosion in the growth of derivatives and off exchange leveraging.

    In the bigger picture, it seems to be all part of the plan of "inflate at all costs", just as the past few years in growing deficits as a stop gap measure to offset the decline in private credit demand.
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    Actually it was three successive terms of Liberal governments that put a plan together and turned the country around. In all fairness though prior to that both Liberal and Conservative governments ran up large debts.
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    yup, the only people they can get tax money out of are those that get a paycheck. Their employers withhold it. But the Democrats seem hellbent on hanging on to their "progressive" taxation utopian ideas. Herman Cain and Ron Paul were for modifying that situation and they went down in flames. The left was pruning the Republican organization so they could get a candidate that they want. We have the worst form of government with the exception of tyrannical dictatorship: government and corporations working together and screwing the little guys.

    A newborn in the US of A owes $500,000 in public sector debt and as-yet-unfunded mandates.. Obama/Reid/Pelosi probably dream of the day when they can have as much power as Hugo Chavez has in Venezuela...
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