Middle Ages are back......

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  1. Torture is legal, science is heresy, magic is studied in secrecy, leaders rely on religious fanaticism, poverty sweeps the land as murderous despots hoard wealth behind walls, mysterious plagues terrify the people, inquisitors hunt dissidents, and crusades against Arabs are used to distract the masses from revolt.

    That describes Europe's grim Middle Ages, but medieval scholar Eric Jager says it also describes the United States in 2006, in an era many Americans consider to be a glorious information age of technological wonders.
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    Are we having just a wee bit of trouble coping with the current age? No No No, don't go into denial, be open and honest with us all and we will be open and honest with you. :)

    So... what's your beef?? I mean, I'm having fun every day, and trading is a heck of a challenge, I don't get in on the torture thing at all but sometimes I daydream...never mind. Revolution is not all it is cracked up to be either. Besides, Arabs suck, what's a little crusade got to do with anything, they are asking for it continually and always will be. You can do a tad more investigation into how much bullshit is called science at drdino.com BTW. About that dissident thing though, my experience is you do not want to go there. You will just be branded a liberal kook, and all your friends will BE liberal kooks.
  3. so you are basically agreeing? OK, it's nice to know.....
  4. Great post!
  5. Actually, the middle ages (dark ages) were very similiar to other ages.

    Its just that political conventions hadnt been adopted to legitimise the suspicion, brutality and ignorance of the day, so that once they were, well werent they savage heathens ! Things are so much better now......
    Sound familiar?
    I dont know, maybe they were onto something-if you teach people who know nothing to read, they might learn a bit-even worse, they might write stuff for other people, who also know nothing-a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing......multiplied by greater literacy............

    Its different now, of course:D
  6. nostradamous was rt; the end is near.
  7. That means we only have to 300 years for the next Renaissance :D
  8. At least they understood the threat of Islam back then! :p

    (Such an understanding might come in very handy in the days ahead.)
  9. Yeh, and witches and heretics, too. Bring back the inquisition!