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  1. Hi,

    I am trading since 1996 part time. I was really successful until 2000 playing momentum plays discretionary.

    I crashed and decided to make a PHD in economics on stock system trading.
    I got my PHD, went back to my main job (IT) and was very successful at it (doing more then 300.000$ a year now, I run an IT-service firm with over 230 People).

    So trading started to be a hobby. And I always stuck the hobby of designing automated trading. 2 Years ago I started to use www.portfolio123.com and I was able to put everything I learned in 16 years of trading and researching into one great stock trading system (weekly rebalance), which I trade now and market on www.collective2.com.

    So here I am, I do not hate my job, I do like it, it makes great, great money and I do not have to put in more then 50-60 hours a week.

    But the thing is: What I would love to do is something else. I would like
    to create a mid term plan to change into the area of trading, investing, etc.

    I think in the states (where I lived for 2 Years) it would not be a problem,
    in Germany it is very hard (but not impossible) to change career paths, especially if you have not a very, very specific education and actual job experience.

    I have great presentation skills, I am very good at selling and I am a very, very good leader, I am very good in spotting talents and to develop them.
    I hire even in the tightest job markets very good people; they just love to work for me and the team I put together. And I know what works in the stock market in terms of robust trading systems.

    As much as I have my life in order (great wife and family, 2 Kids, we are healthy and happy), I have absolutely no glue what to do with this
    dream that bugs me. I just do not want to turn 80 and tell my self, that
    I did not fulfill it. I tried to forget it, but I can not!

    Every opinion would help me, thank you

    Best Regards

  2. how old and decrepit and senile do you intend to be when you retire?
    My father retired at 55 and he's now 93 and still pretty sharp

    so that's almost 40 years to do whatever you want
  3. I do not have a glue when I want to retire, that is not my question...
  4. well, you said you don't want to be 80 and realize you didn't do what you wanted. How long is this going to take? Retire at 65 and at 80 you will have been doing what you wanted for 15 years.

    isn't strategy trading all about having a plan?
  5. similar to me i guess.

    i trade longerterm 4 to 40 days. Swing trading can have high win rate.

    takes 1 hour a day which includes reading news and quick browse thru charts. I would do this even if no trading.

    After 16 years you get sense of how things work and should be able to derive edge.

    but we all different.
  6. I already have a trading edge (mid term value / momentum system based on www.portfolio123.com), but I want to trade, invest fulltime because I like it more then my current job.

    That is the question, where do I start to switch full time into the financial world:

    Talk to
    - Fund Managers / Fund Consultants?
    - Hedgefund Manager / Hedge Fund Consultants?
    - Prop Trading Firms?
    - System Sellers?


    You see, I want to be every day in an office where the main subject is the stock market...

    The question is, how do I switch my successfull IT Full time Job and sucessfull part time trading into career in the financial area?
  7. I'm not sure why you think your question is so special. It's been asked here 100's if not 1000's of times.

    The general cvonsensensus is, save up enough to live on for a while, be sure your wife is cool with it, and then just start trading fulltime.

    You'll get exactly what you want. Everyday it will just be you in the office, your computers and the stock market all day long 24/7.
  8. okay, okay, its not special.

    There is a difference tough, I do not want to do it by my own (tried that, does not work, I need people around me), so I am seeking an environment to do so...
  9. Work and make 300k a year, put into your system/collective/portfolio123 and you will be very wealthy and secure, the decision will be much easier then. If it works well and you rebalance once a week what is there to do?
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    Hi Judge,

    Start your own fund, hire a team, get a nice office. then you can run it concurrently with your IT business
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