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  1. The US doesn't want a cease fire, everyone who can is being told to leave. The Hezbullah is promising many surprises. I believe that shortly we are going to to discover what happened to Saddams WMD's when they are fired into Tel Aviv. The arsenal that Saddam had just disappeared and were believed to have been stashed in Syria, the same place that the longer range rockets they are using are believed to have come from. If this happens the effects on the Markets will make 9-11 seem mild. I hope I'm way off on this.

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  2. During the first Gulf War, Iraq was "warned" not to use biological, chemical nor nuclear weapons against the coalition forces. The same warning was given to the other neighboring countries and still applies today
  3. Syria would be committing suicide if they use WMD on Israel.

    Even they aren't stupid enough to give such weapons to Hezbollah.
  4. Yeah, and Elvis is still alive. Iraq did not have WMD. The fact that we did not find any trace of WMD is only part of the picture, we could not find/arrest/bribe/intimidate/liberate a single person, a single witness, a single participant who was involved in this supposedly huge Iraqi industry. Total lack of evidence clearly indicates that Iraqi WMD was a figment of Bush's imagination.
  5. I hope you are way off on this too! Cause if that were to happen Goodbye Syria and Goodbye Iran. I want to disarm Iran but under this scenario Israel will annihilate them. Guarantee the missiles are half armed and targeted already. And the silos are NBC proof.
  6. Yea... but the neocons can't accept reality. If they do so, then they are accepting the fact that the potty mouth bushie lied to them.
  7. Even Clinton admitted he had WMD, don't forget that he gassed his own people. There is a good reason that all the outsiders are being evacuatted from Lebanon. The towel wrapping extremists have been waiting for this oppurtunity. Like I said though I hope I'm wrong and there are non of Iraqs missing WMD's that ended up in Hezbullah's arsenal.
  8. We are now dealing with maniacs hell bent on getting rid of the jews. These groups could care less about such a warning.
  9. Holmes


    And the Kurds were never gassed either.

    Just like the Nazi's never gassed the Jews.

    (And the mass graves in Iraq are also an imagination)

  10. Holmes


    Don't think that you are far off, actually I think you are spot on.

    These were exactly my thoughts some time ago when Gaza was handed back - it will be hard to flatten the place if your own citizens are still living there.

    And the start of this episode of the saga was done i.m.h.o. by the Iranian PM stating that Israel needed to be wiped off the map.

    Like some other poster properly stated: These radicals believe in being martyrs and being rewarded in heaven with 72 virgins. WTF? Are these virgins just cattle? And the women who blow themselves up, are they being rewarded with 72 prime boys?

    What a bollocks!

    So if they really believe that then I think it is our duty to help them get there, after all they have a different attitude towards life and society as a whole.

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