Mid-East Peace: A Viable Solution

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  1. Mid-East Peace: A Viable Solution

    by Victor Thorn

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    Why not Madagascar?
  3. WTF I do not understand is all this rethoric of the "land needs to be returned".

    This is not only the case in the middle east but we see the phenomena worldwide.

    OK US - you grabbed the land from the Indians. Now you all get the fuck out of the good old US of A and go back to Brittain, The Netherlands, Africa or whereever the fuck you came from.

    You have no right to be there!

    Or lets take another case: New Zealand. The Maories want their stuff back. Yet they killed off the Morories. Now who is the rightfull owner? Oh yeah, throw in that the Dutch discovered before the Brits and that at one stage there were Spaniards before them.

    Similarly Australia: Give it all back to the Aboriginals.

    The same can be applied to Middle and South America: send all the Spanish, Portugese descendants back to the country they emigrated from.

    WTF is going on in your people's minds? Have you all gone mental?

    Like in the Middle East: The British and French (if I remember right) broke up the Ottoman empire. Are we now going to put that back together again? Who is going to be put in charge, the Turks? How far are you going back in the past to decide who owns what? Get a life!

    It is all selective minority pressure, "I want, I want" and they do not want to work for it.

    You seem all fit to utilise inventions done by the Jews and if it was not for Einstein you guys in the US would be saying "Heil Hitler".

    Simialrly I find it quite amusing that when the state of Israel was formed by the predecessor of the UN the Arab nations objected. And now they are asking the UN to step in! How pea sized are their brains, do they have any at all?

    We can really see they are impatient to become martyrs, otherwise they would not fuck around with the Israely. Anyone who has a brain that is larger than a pea does not fuck around with Israel, yet these inbreds have not learned that lesson yet.

    I agree with what someone else told me: he reckoned that anyone in any of the Arab nations who had a slightly different opinion than the existing ruler did not live very long to tell the tale. In other words: anyone who had the ability to think for themselves had their heads chopped off. No wonder the IQ is so patheticly low, only the simpletons and gullible survived!

    vital statistix
  4. I say give the jews wyoming,,heck we dont use it,,not many people there so we could relocate them easy. These people can not live peacefully together and need baby sitters, so remove one of the groups. Find an alternative to fueling cars and trucks and lets forget the whole middle east,,let them live in the 14th century if they so choose.
  5. Two jewish soldiers ..... and how many civilians they killed so far. When citizens of other nations are kidnapped the countries use diplomacy and negotiations. Jews on the other hand go and bombard innocent civilians, this is nonsense. Jews only care for themselves …. Of course jewish chickens cant attack stronger country because they know what will happen to them……….
  6. According to the international law the responsibility for the death of civilians is squarely on Hezbollah which is not allowed to have offices, installations, facilities, weapons, training camps etc in residential and business areas. And no, Israel does not negotiate with terrorists, no responsible government of any country negotiates with terrorists.
  7. Such language will not win you any friends - even nonJewish ones.
  8. Actually according to international laws jews don’t have a right to bombard civilians... that would be first starting point, the second point would be using international laws to come up with peaceful solution, and final point under international law would be not use disproportionate force!!
  9. Allright!! Thanks for letting me know, as long as you are still winning friends that will be fine :)

  10. Actually according to international laws jews don’t have a right to bombard civilians...
    Israel does not bombard civilians, Israel bombards enemy installations which is absolutely legal and the whole point of the law is that if these installations are in residential or business areas they (Hezbollah) are ultimately responsible for the death of civilians.

    the second point would be using international laws to come up with peaceful solution
    Israel withdrew from Lebanon to the internationally recognized border meeting all its internatinal obligations, unfortunately Lebanon failed to meet their pledge to disarm Hezbollah. How is that for a peaceful solution, do you have a better idea cause all Israel got in response for full compliance with the law and UN resolutions was six years of rocket attacks and kidnappings of Israeli citizens. So why don't you suggest what else Israel should have done regarding Lebanon to placate Hezbollah. I am sure you're full of realistic and practical ideas.

    and final point under international law would be not use disproportionate force!!
    There is no international law against the use of disproportinate force in response to an unprovoked aggression. Let alone the fact that the concept of "proportionality" is extremely subjective, what you consider a disproportionate response can be viewed by others as quite weak and inadequate.
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