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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Andiroo, Nov 4, 2010.

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    Having spent the last 12+ years building my own successful international company in the technology / consulting space i am starting to think - where next. In Mid 40s so i figure i have at least one of two more careers in me.

    I have been trading since i was 16 years but over last 10 years pretty seriously and have made a decent secondary income stream trading a decent sized account.

    How realistic is it to take my transferable skills and proven business successes into a trading environment and make the transition. I have no interest in working in a prop shop with twenty somethings trading their own small accounts on vague hope of becoming the next Tudor-Jones.

  2. Since you have a successful full-time business and part-time trading... why wanting to switch?

    What do you want to get out of it? To get more money from trading than your first-job business? First job not fun enough?
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    Just ready for some new challenges and my enjoyment from the trading far outweighs my other role. Also I think I am good at it and have invested a huge amount of time developing my knowledge of trading / global macro analysis etc.

  4. If you are so good at it, why are you seeking opinions of what your chances are at making it from (likely twenty-somethings trading small accounts) people on ET?
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  6. I met a bloke online that had an insurance business of some sort, he is/was an fx
    trader and friends/clients who learnt of his trading asked him to trade their account
    - his story. he isn't a cta but charged a fee for leasing the trading software so he
    avoided any licencing issues, don't know if he's still doing it