Microsoft's New XP Anti-Piracy Measure

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by rpc, Feb 25, 2001.

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    Looks like Microsoft is going to have a new form of copy protection for their replacement of Windows 98 which will incorporate BIOS locking to prevent unauthorized use of this new operating system. Here is a snippet that I thought some of the readers would find interesting:

    “No matter how the technology actually works in the shipping code, the crux of the issue is something that's been part of Microsoft's End-User License Agreement (or EULA, for short) for years. Most software companies license their software for use by one user; Microsoft chose to license Windows (and its other software) for use on one PC. I doubt most people have ever been aware of that. Legally, you are not allowed to buy one copy of Office or Windows and install it on two PCs, even if you were the only person using both PCs.
    But as I currently understand it, Product Activation goes a step further. What if you own a PC with Windows XP on it, and you decide to wipe the hard drive of that PC so it has no working copy of Windows. Next you build your own PC and want to install that same copy of Windows XP on your new PC. It doesn't look like you're going to be able to do that. Microsoft isn't only mandating one copy of Windows for one PC. It's mandating a specific PC -- the first one you installed the copy of Windows on.”


    From what I can discern from the article, if I was to get a new motherboard (?CPU, ?hard drive) and install it to take the place of the first motherboard then I would have to get a new copy of Win XP. Sure would make it difficult and expensive for upgrades!