Microsoft's Global Criminal Compliance Handbook Leaked

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    All the big telecoms (AT&T, Cingular), search engines (google, yahoo), ISP's, and OS publishers (Microsoft), are totally in bed with Government.

    Remember the NSA "secret rooms" at the Sanfran AT&T hub for internet and telephony? The Feds put data splitters on the main lines, copied and sent it all back to NSA HQ.

    The 4th Amendment for electronic privacy doesn't exist. It's dead. All for "your safety".
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    Well, if big brother wants to find out what I am having for dinner tonight and which bar I'm going to be drunked in. By all means. :p
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    What if you apply for a job and get denied because of where you drink.

    Your boss might disapprove of what you eat for dinner too. That is exactly where loss of privacy leads = Loss of rights.
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    I work for myself, so I've never dealt with these problems. I'm just saying it's futile to argue with the government about these types of issues. If you can't stand it, make your money and leave ASAP.
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    That's so what I'm planning to do, first I'm going to have to get out of the parents house however >_<
  7. The issues are popping up with facebook and my space, etc (with legal implications, I might add, not in our favor). Members volunteer this information so Imo, govt spying is moot point.

    If your favorite drinking spot has a bad rep, a lawsuit against your employer for hiring you could be a liability to the employer.
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    So you are saying that everyone is guilty until proven innocent.

    You'll love raising a family in country like that. Just ask the Chinese. Then again don't because they don't know better :)
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    I remember when Microsoft was getting sued by the Federal Gov for Anti Trust problems.. and it was all going against them, then suddenly everything was ok and Microsoft was off the hook... they cut a deal. I doubt that handbook reveals it all either..
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    Once corporation becomes the government's bitch, they can do anything they want as long as they know their 'role'. This type of system is not very different from fascism.
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