Microsoft's Game Voice useful?

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    Microsoft has free chat software called Game Voice Share at You can use it with any website running in the background. It was designed for gamers who want to play as a team, allowing them to communicate verbally. I think this software could help a small group of traders, perhaps a group with a coach. The free software allows only 4 people to chat, but Microsoft has a head-set device, Game Voice, which allows more people to be added to the chat. Game Voice has more capabilities (including voice recognition of game commands) and costs about $40. With Game Voice, you can broadcast to the whole group or channel your voice to an individual.
  2. That's close to what I'm looking for. I assume you are responding to my thread on looking to set up a real time chat with messenger of some sort. THe problem is MAC users can't use MSN as I've experienced from owning a message board there. MSN also limits you to 4 people as you mentioned. You addressed something I was concerned about with the voice command (want my hands free to make trade.

    I'm looking at ICQ with probably setting up another message board on their servers and then just cross linking all over the place to my MSN board.
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    I use Yahoo Messenger's voice chat and I don't believe there is a limit, but I have only had up to 7 at one time. It works great.

  4. so everyone is there a limit?

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  6. You should check into You can put their Real Time live voice chat room right on your own web site. I'm in the process of taking off the one I have with HearMe from our traders club web site because you would have your conversation break up with the voice feature. I'm putting FireTalk on there instead because of other club members who have raved about how crystal clear it is. I'll know more once I have it up.

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  7. So how is this Game Voice software?

    Nazzdack wants to know.