Microsoft will have a big Patch Tuesday

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    it's a mess, windows was never designed for networking in the first place. Unix and Linux were. Business [trading] software pretty much requires a windows machine and MAC's are far superior for everything else...

    The proper thing to do is to learn to set up a white listing firewall and put your windows machine behind it and use it for only business. Get a MAC for everything else and be happy with it all...
  3. 1. I will NEVER "text".

    2. I will NEVER own a Mac

    3. I will NEVER (probably) own a cell phone.
  4. Just do not downlaod any files and do not execute any attachements. No whitelisting can save you if you own an email from your girlfriend and then click on the invitation to that great party. No whitelisting can save you if you download freeware or sharewares or worse, buy hacked software.

    No whitelisting cna save you if you lack brain capacity.
  5. That is paranoia. You might as well not leave your bedroom. [​IMG]
  6. Paranoia or "freedom"?
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    That's why the article referred to Patch Tuesdays.
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    You miss a lot all the time? He said to whitelist the windows trading computer [open the firewall to the broker and the data supplier] and use a MAC for everything else, at least that's how I took it... I do agree that it's the best solution for the problem...

    Most people are too cheap to actually get to the good solutions. They want to have cheapshit windows machine, one of them, and use it for business and email and surfing and stealing music... and they don't even want to buy the OS disc so they can reinstall every so often...
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