Microsoft talking to Facebook for a possible deal

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by nec, May 7, 2008.

  1. nec


    According to WSJ - The, a Web site owned by Dow Jones & Co., is reporting that Microsoft’s bankers recently contacted Facebook Inc. to gauge the Internet company’s willingness to sell Facebook to the software giant.

    There are no active discussions between the two companies, a person familiar with the matter said - and it’s unclear if closely held Facebook would sell. Additionally, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates told the..
  2. S2007S


    enough with this social networking garbage, MSFT is just wasting time if this is actually you know how quick sites like facebook come and go...How many social networking site pop up in a single year run by some 20 year old kids, MSFT should hire someone to develop their own social networking site.
  3. They are incapable of competing against 3 teenagers with a few PCs. Think about it, they have to go out and pay billions for a site that was created by a few students at harvard with nothing but a couple of PCs a few cases of Mountain Dew and pizza. Microsoft is the 21st century equivalent of Digital Equipment Corporation. Microsoft is sitting on its laurels and milking their locked in customer base, but the cow eventually stops giving out milk.
  4. eagle


    Microsoft get stabbed by his own game. Pushing to very high valuation of $15B to prevent somebody else to buy Facebook, and now you know the rest...
  5. How do you think Microsoft got started? Someone inventing something often goes like this. Very few get big. The company is worth what its worth.