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    Is anybody going to buy this?

    It has a rubberized touch keyboard that acts as a cover, but there is also a tactile keyboard available. Can the tactile keyboard also act as a cover or does it have to be detached?

    The techies seem to think it is a pretty good tablet, but I don't see them calling it an ipad killer.
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    buy anything Apple.

    bill gates has been clueless for a very long time now.

    the last time he did anything of signifance was in the 90's
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    At first look, I'm not so impressed.
    Isn't this defeating the differences between a laptop and a tablet, sorta?
    Seems kinda cumbersome if what you really want is a tablet.
  4. The keyboard is a cover, but I want to know if it detaches. To me, the keyboard looks like of lame and flimsy.

    Microsoft surface has a very ugly start screen too. Nobody is going to care what the surface does because everyone thinks the start screen is ugly. I have to admit though, on hawaii five-o, the surface table looks pretty cool, but of course...they never show the start screen on any of the episodes. :p
  5. ever wonder how smart you have to be to get a ceo job of a major company that is influential around the world?

    well now you have your answer. You can be totally clueless. No skills necessary.


    how much value has he created with the VAST resources he was handed??? zero.

    but you say, chkitout, how can he possibly take a 250 billion dollar company and add value? i'd say, how does steve jobs take a near bankrupt company and turn it into a 600 billion dollar company?

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  6. Very good point, in the end for an executive manager it comes down to how much return he has generated for his investors. Microsoft is the front runner of Sony, great past companies with some past innovations but who became so proud they stopped to really listen to consumers what they want.

    Microsoft is still the best of the bunch of "mega corps" in that they still have an edge with Windows Desktop and Server versions, they are very powerful in the cloud and server market as well, and they are a force in the developer world as well. But they completely missed the push to mobility.

    Frankly I am scared of Windows8 and I will almost 100% not embrace it nor get it in the initial stage. It looks to me like a game OS, anything but a serious OS. This metro style appears to me like as if Microsoft wanted to make good on what Google and Apple implemented long time ago. They risk disappointing their serious clientele. I am sure the metro look can be turned off but the very idea they want a powerful OS look like a clown really turns me off.

  7. Both act as cover - I am QUITE amazed someoen finally thought of it. This isquite eexactly waht I want, and it has all features I need and non I do not need.

    Example: It has NO 3g - Great. I do not need a mobile phone chip in there. Why? It has Wifi, I have a smartphone anyay with data tethering. And I have the phone with me a lot more than the tablet - so, it can always hook into the Wifi of the phone.

    It has a physical keyboard - great. Tablet is all nice and dandy unless you want to type some real text, like a post in a useless forum for traders, or a blog post, or some meeting minutes. Still not for programming (tablets never will be); but at least this is something I can write notes with without wasting most of the screen for a keyboard. Love it.

    Compared to apple IT IS OPEN. Seriously. USB - yes. Micro-SD - yes. So I can take photos of a camera without going through a computer and ITunes - which is a pain when on holiday. Never will understand what apple does there.

    The larger model has a stylus that magnetically attaches - also great for using it as a note taking application, or make drawings. Love it.

    It has a stand. Nice. In meetings I Can have it in front when presenting without trying to set it up, I Can set it on the table and use it as trade control center (showing a website from the automatic trading setup). NICE.

    The form actor (16:9) is kind of odd for a tablet - does not feel like "paper".

    Couple that with a high powered virtual machine running Windows 8 and RDP and I do not even need the Pro version (Except for the stylus and higher resolution screen). Windows 8 RDP supports multitouch - so it will feel native over RDP.

    This is QUITE close to what I have been waiting for, and I will likely get them. That is not one, but both, possible in multiple copies so my secretary has one as well as the people I work with. Now I want to see the next office and especially that app noone uses at the moment - OneNote ;)

    Bold Move from MIcrosoft to alienate the hardwar ebuilding partners, but I was waiting for decent mobile stuff to come out of them for many years - finally someone daws a line in the sand and says "that is how you should do it".
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    Try to have some work done using Windows 8 and you may be less enthusiastic.
  9. Already installed on a VM since first preview.

    Not saying I like or do not like it, but ythis is a tablet scenario, which is "limited use" to start with. My main complaint with tablets is more typing, mostly notes, or making fast nice drawings, like floor plans for houses etc. Sucks with touchpad - wont at surface.

    Not windows 8 related. I actually like W8.
  10. I had horrible luck installing the DP and the CP versions in VMs... Is there a new beta out yet? I gave up on W8 for the time being.

    The way I had W8 configured it looked exactly the same as W7 - I couldn't tell the difference at all. I got rid of that Aero screen and like I said, it looked identical to W7.

    I'm interested in putting 50 or 60 of them into a VM environment so that I can use and abuse them to compare against W7 and Server 2008 R2.

    As for the tablets.... I still have the crappy touch screen Blackberry and I'm holding out for the iPhone 5... One of these days I will break down and buy an iPad. No matter how loyal I am to Windows I don't see myself ever buying a tablet other than an iPad.
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