Microsoft Surface Go 2 Mini Review

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  1. Hello all, just purchased one and thought I would give a quickie review.

    I am running the version with Core-M processor, 8 GB RAM, and LTE sim support. I upgraded (for free) the default Windows 10 Home S Mode, to the Full Mode.

    I am running the following applications, concurrently, at all times:

    • Thomson Reuters Eikon (Refinitiv)
    • Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation (Desktop)
    • Microsoft Outlook (full desktop application)

    And as needed, launch Edge for some basic Web Browsing (I do my main browsing on a separate laptop).

    So far I do the following main tasks:
    • Eikon
      • Multiple watchlists
      • Multiple tickers
      • Full news stream
      • Multiple charts
      • A dozen or so workspaces which I tab through as needed.
    • TWS
      • Mainly list positions
      • Basic order entry
      • Strategy builder
      • Portfolio management
      • Options viewing
    • Outlook
      • Standard mail and calendar activities
    I do NOT do speed trading, day trading, tick trading, or anything where milliseconds count. So I can not attest to the performance for those who require those activities.

    Performance across the board is great. I can keep Eikon on one virtual desktop, TWS on a second, and Outlook on a third. I'm able to switch between the virtual desktops with ease, everything responds quickly.

    All the activities in all applications are fast. They all load quickly. I notice no performance issues. I'm able to click around and load charts, move symbols, refresh screens, enter orders, without any noticeable lag.

    I left all the applications up and running 24/7 for the last 3 days. At this time, Memory is sitting at 6/8 GB. CPU is happy at 20%. I have 80GB of disk (out of 128) free.

    I'm not using an adapter, so it's going through WiFi (5GHz), and the network performance is perfectly good (even with multiple symbols refreshing on the tick). I leave it unplugged, and can go through a full day without needing a charge. This makes it great if you want to work from Starbucks or a long train ride.

    The screen looks sharp. Of course it is smaller, but the resolution is higher. I needed to adjust the font size on the applications so they fit, but (to my surprise) I did not have to reorganize any of the windows, they scaled well for me to look at. (Note: If you stare at the screen 8 hours/day you may need to do more adjustments).

    It's light, folds up nicely with the keyboard, pen clicks on the side nicely. Very easy to go portable with. Since it runs my apps nicely, I now use it as my main trading terminal. Which also makes travel easy, as I no longer need to lug around a large laptop. And now I can free up my laptop for other activities.

    Pro Tip: Naturally, the diminutive keyboard is not great for prolonged use. So I use Microsoft's 'Mouse Without Borders' application. Installed on the Tablet and my main PC, I can continue to use my main PC's full sized keyboard & mouse with all input being directed towards the Tablet when the Mouse is moved to the Tablet's screen, or the main PC when it's moved back. (I actually run three separate computers at the same time with one KB&M). Works quite nicely.

    I recommend it to anyone who wants a very lightweight portable computer for a specific Windows 10 task (in this case, Trading). I choose MSFT instead of a Chinese brand (the only alternatives I could find), out of a desire for an abundance of caution with regards to security. (And yes, I like MSFT).

    Thank you.
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  2. Axon


    I have the same device except I upgraded to the business version with 256GB SSD / Windows 10 Pro and have had a similar experience. I mostly trade futures with the SierraChart software and the experience is virtually indistinguishable from my desktop with an Intel 8700k CPU other than having a smaller screen.

    The Core M3 processor is reasonably fast, doesn't throttle despite long trading sessions and the 8GB of RAM is quite adequate. I use mine on the go in lieu of a traditional clamshell laptop and the LTE networking hasn't caused any noticeable issues with latency or throughput to hamper trading.

    I prefer Linux on my desktop but I'm treating this tablet more as an appliance so I won't be putting Linux on it though it's nice to know if I should ever decide to, it's easily done according to sources on the net. All in all I'm very happy with what I got.
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  3. I do like Linux, but I believe you can install the full linux subsystem on Windows 10 now, so you might be able to do any linux specific tasks you need that way?

    Was there something specific in the Pro version vs. the Home version that you take advantage of?
  4. Axon


    Yeah, WSL2 is supposed to be dropping very soon with a huge speed up in disk IO which was a real problem before. I think the new subsystem might have some support for graphical Linux apps too. I'm definitely looking forward to trying it out.

    Win10 Pro is mostly the same but one thing in particular I like is it enables the Remote Desktop server. The home version of Windows 10 has the client so you can remote out but, sadly, you can't remote in. I use VNC on my Linux box but Remote Desktop works so much better on Windows I gotta have it so Pro it is.
  5. Turveyd


    £400 10.5" look pretty good, likely without the keyboard.

    I run 2 x Android 10.5" a A10.5 and an S6 there all good and nice, S6 has the Pen works great, fast, good battery life, nice screen on the S6 but...

    Can't run proper Windows version MT4, only issue is can't move the SL or TP via the screen have to open window and type it into tiny little text box, which I can't read without my glasses and faff around with useless 2xdecimal points I don't care about, stupid software :(

    Surface with Pen, easily adjust SL and Limit when required.

    Tempted, see if in PC world tomorrow! Treat myself!!
  6. I'm running 2 Surface Pros side by side and am very happy with it. Each plugged into a monitor, and use Input Director to share keyboard/mouse. Nice minimalist setup and works flawlessly. Also like no fan so completely silent.
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