Microsoft stuff is such s%^t!!

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    I thought I'd look into Microsoft cloud office.. so I sign up for Office 365 or whatever they call it... it takes repeated tries to download the stuff from their site due to Microsoft parceling out the bandwidth... so I go through a messy signup procedure, make careful notes of all the names, domains, passwords, login names, etc... and I try to login... [meanwhile i find that what I signed up with was just some work environment krap that doesn't even include Office]... when I sign in it says it needs to download some more krap but that fails to open the browser window. I click it again and it gets the browser window right this time and it starts downloading, gets to .1 out of 3.6 megabytes and it says it will finish in two hours!!

    What a bunch of cheap krap this stuff is! If Google would WAKE UP and deliver a really good Text Editor they would invade the Office Space bigtime! I use the Google Editors everyday but they really suck, I just take notes with them, when I want to produce an actual document I have to use Word locally on a PC and assume all the worry about backups and all that...

    Come on Google, you have the brains to do it, develope an Office Suite and shove Microsoft off the edge of the world into the abyss where they belong..
  2. a bigger question is.. why is balmer still ceo? 10 years and with all the resources in the world microsoft has done nothing to innovate and continue to lose market share in every category.

    Steve Balmers contributions:

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    I don't care about the internal workings of Microsoft, only that they go off the back edge of the world never to rear their ugly heads..

    I used to work in a lab with early microsoft computers, the baffling bullshit I used to go through to just install some Microsoft stuff was horrifying.. I could follow the directions to the letter and get nowhere every time...

    Ok, currently, and through no fault of Microsoft's, I finally figured out that what I really wanted was the Browser based Word software.. Immediately I see that it might be a tad better than Google's but Google could spend probably $100,000 for one programmer for one year and they could have something that was way better.. the browser Word can't insert a date-time, the Google editor will do that with Ctrl+M which makes it fantastic for research notes... The browser Word will insert a table though, that is a step up from the Google app...

    The web Word will dl a doc and open it locally and I suppose that means that it will upload just as easily... so basically it serves as much as web document backup as anything... I might put Word on this computer and see how that goes but all my experiences with Microsoft since the inception of DOS have been so frustrating and offputting that I just can't psychologically make myself go with Word at all... forget it, I'd rather wait for Google to get a real editor, they can do somthing that is so much better than that Web Word thingy that it's not worth it to go with Microsoft on that...
  4. Why hello! I also get terribly angry and violent when I use Microsoft Word and its satelite programs. I've long since gotten rid of them.

    I use OpenOffice. Don't know if you've heard of it but what I like about it is that when it gets updated all the buttons remain the same. It has none of the flashy useless button shuffling that forces you to learn the whole system over again.

    Check it out, go to