Microsoft puts out fix for Explorer flaw

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  2. Those that are still using IE don't know what they're missing by not using Firefox.
    They really don't know.
  3. Oh come on, its not that much different!
  4. With all the plugin extensions that users supply...
    and the choice of different skin themes and button icons...
    Not to mention better security then the others...

    you have know idea what functionality you're missing out on.

    Btw, it's portable to all platforms including window$.

    kt says... :)
    Support: OpenSource :cool:
  5. I started using firefox about a month ago. I like it it a lot. Seems faster, I like the hot buttons to get to my favorite sites. I also like the window that pops up letting you know anything that gets downloaded and gives you the option to clean it up. IE just downloads and leaves it on your harddrive. No wonder the computers slow down after a while if you dont manually clean it up.
  6. Very cool.
    Have you tried Scrapbook? Here's the Home Page.
    The overviews don't describe all of it's incredible functionality either.
    Read the user guide for a full description.

    I find this extension invaluable. I use it more than anything else on my computer.
    Here's a thread I started about it:
  7. I like the noscript extension. By default it inhibits javascript, flash etc with the option of allowing or temporarily allowing scripts for a site. This often blocks a lot of crap that you don't want to see anyway and speeds up page rendering. It also makes for better security as a lot of browser vulnerabilities have been javascript related.
  8. Yeah I use it all the time. And how about adblock so you don't have to see all those crappy banners and advertisements. Adblock also has a filter set that gets upgraded and filters automatically.

    I see virtually NO ads, banners, or flash scripts during browsing.
  9. What about emailing ?
  10. To replace Outlook you can use Thunderbird

    There are also many Firefox plugin extensions for email. For instance a gmail interface and stuff. There's alot there... you just gotta poke around the extensions site.

    and remember...
    Support OpenSource! :)
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