Microsoft pays 8.5 billion cash for a skype?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by fanews, May 10, 2011.

  1. fanews


    Microsoft pays 8.5 billion cash for a skype?

    Something is awefully wrong here.

    Microsoft is in the trading and investment business now?

    Welcome to Wall Street Microsoft, you've just been ripped off by the investment bankers at Goldman Sachs network.

    OR it's some kind of wheeling and dealing going on behind closed doors, There is more than meets the eye. This deal and many deals in wall street is just one big fucking scam operation.
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    What's so hard to believe? They bought a VOIP program (they don't have one currently) that doubles a "messenger" service (MSN Messenger was a joke) and now they have a dedicated customer base that will be there in whatever direction they take this program.

    I'm not surprised.
  3. fanews


    It's an advance financial scam.

    Morons and layman's don't have the intelligence to understand it.

    Don't believe anything you read.

    Trust no one in wall street.

    Only thing wall street has is other people's money.

    The government has no money nor does the FED have any money.

    The banks have no money either.

    Market makers have no money either.

    Market makers are barely making money.

    The only way crooks on wall street make money is by stealing it and defrauding it.

    Same as some punk teen robbing old ladies purse--same thing.

    SOES bandits is the term they used for HFT bandits in the 90's

    In wall street, it's in the trillions.

  4. IMO, MSFT feared their stock price would rise unless they took action.

    Buying a company whose model is FREE communications between computers and charging $0.02/minute to call a regular phone makes sense.

    SKYPE lost a couple million last year on revenues of under one billion.

  5. hajimow


    I am just wondering what would happen if they offered only 6 billion instead of 8.5 billion? Wouldn't Skype accept that offer? Someone(s) live on commissions :)
  6. S2007S


    Another Bubble is well on the way!!!!

    Cant you just feel it....

    Msft has failed over and over again to compete in some of the hottest markets, I think the only thing they got somewhat right was xbox, the other areas just seem to fail for them so they decided why not buy skype for $8 billion bucks!
  7. What you are forgetting is that MSFT can now put this on their windows phone and anyone who gets into a wifi hotspot can now make free phone calls without using minutes. That can certainly drive sales of their phone. They might even do something with the x-box so that people can make calls off their xbox.

    I'm sure they have some plans to make money off this. Just remember...bill gates is a billionaire and you all are not.
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    To me, Skype's potential are vast. Can be used as in many new ways ... such as call center functionality, offer advanced PBX functions to the user base, information voice service etc.

    I was surprised that Ebay did not monetized Skype more than just using it as a long distance service to make money.

    I question that Microsoft can make Skype into a must have utility, more than what it is already.

  10. LeeD


    Microsoft has a long and glorious history of limiting software to their own platform.

    Let's see if Skype will work on new Android phones in a couple of years.
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