Microsoft offers $31 per share for Yahoo

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Port1385, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. Remember the good ole days?

  2. Were those before the days you polluted the board?
  3. both stocks are going to 5
  4. Div_Arb


    YHOO is a bunch of well, yahoos. Jerry Yang should be publicly stoned for not taking the deal. What a moron!
  5. gangof4


    what is your fucking malfunction? you start thread after thread with titles to suck people in to read your masturbatory fucking posts. are you 8fuckingyearsold or what. ok, parents ignored you. fine. get a fucking dog- just quit posting you tard.

    the ignore function is one i rarely use- congrats.

    edit: one other option- you are employed by ET to pump the page views. that's really the only logical explanation for idiots like you, the stockturd, and the like. people like you can't actually be for real...
  6. Thread Title: "Microsoft offers $31 per share for Yahoo"
    Thread Date: November 3, 2008

    This thread is garbage and should be moved to Chit Chat.