Microsoft Manages To Make Visa Worse w/Service Pack 1 Release: Quite A Feat

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  1. Microsoft Succeeds in Making Vista Even Worse

    March 25, 2008
    Kevin Maney

    Windows Vista is already perhaps the most frustrating product Microsoft has yet heaved onto the computing public. But now its Service Pack 1 update, which is supposed to FIX holes and squeaks in the Vista code, seems to be making things worse -- so much worse that venerable publications like Computerworld are running stories about how to get SP1 off your machine. InfoWorld has a piece about how Vista users are blasting Microsoft on Microsoft's own Vista blog. The headline on The Washington Post's story says a lot: "Vista SP1: Threat or Menace?"

    For what it's worth, for Microsoft's much-ballyhooed power, its stock traded at around $25 a share five years ago today. Last I looked, it was at $29, with some relatively minor ups and downs in between. You'd have gotten just about the same performance from an electric power company, like Con Ed.

    Vista, the stock price -- something's clearly not going well in Redmond. Think buying Yahoo will help?

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    but ConEd is a MUCH better dividend stock than MSFT.
  3. Winxp ... SP3 RC is good ... nothing special, just runs a bit faster (10%)

    RC2 released today ... final can't be far off now.
  4. Just wiped Vista off a new laptop and installed XP Pro.

    I tried Vista - gave it a fair shake. Oh wow. Bloatware, slow as hell, and security pop up hell.
  5. Is there any real bad reason to use win 2000 pro instead of XP ?
  6. I use Vista on both my main trading station and my Dell Laptop (not yet w/ SP1) and I can't complain really. While there are no huge benefits to running Vista I also see no downsides whatsoever.
  7. What's your theory as to why tens of thousands of users, including tech professionals and MSFT's own senior staff, are calling Vista a piece of crap?
  8. Not sure if anyone noticed, but there are always the same "tens of thousands of users" that have a religious hate for the respective new Windows. It was the same with Windows XP. I remember people feverishly calling it "bloatware" and "slow". If you didn't agree you were labeled being on Microsoft's payroll.

    Nobody forces you to use Vista. I don't know why people are getting so emotional about it. Just don't upgrade if you don't like it. And don't complain if brand new hardware has less than perfect support for older operating systems.

    Hey why not downgrade and use Win 3.1? It was pretty good. And didn't use much memory did it? LMAO
  9. I'll issue this challenge to you. Pick one of your Vista machines, and run some benchmark tests on it. Then reformat the drive and install either XP or Win2k and rerun the same benchmark tests. Then come back and tell us you see no downside to Vista.

    If you don't want to reformat either machine, then an alternate method would be to replace the current hard drive in your desktop and load the new drive with either XP or Win2k. Then if you really still want Vista back just reinstall the original drive with no issues.

    Either way I'd bet money you will see the same performance differences that make everyone else hate Vista.
  10. The same point could be made about Win3.1 vs. Win95 vs. Win XP. Every newer MS OS is slower on the same hardware. This is no secret nor is it surprising.

    So does everyone hate Win XP and Win95 now? Should we all downgrade to Win3.1 because it's the fastest and the least 'bloated'?
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